Saving Energy with Liquid Methionine when pelletizing

In the feed mill, pellet production is one of the most energy consuming step; therefore any potential area of optimization is beneficial to pursue. Adisseo […]

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Sanacore GM® reduces the impact of co-infections on productivity of shrimp farming through multiple mode of actions

Coinfections and multiple infections are very common in shrimp farming and have a significant impact in production and profitability. Health promoting additives reinforce the prevention […]

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Adisseo publishes 2022 Aquaculture compendium on applied research suppporting Aqua specialties

The Aqua team at Adisseo runs a continuous program on research around the globe to address topics of immediate relevance to our customers. Applied research […]

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Adisseo engages into its CEO succession

to ensure smooth transition and management continuity

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30 Years On: Adisseo Emphasizes the Importance of Rumen Protected Methionine in Dairy Nutrition

January 2023 While amino acid balancing has been common practice in monogastric nutrition for decades, its mainstream adoption by the dairy industry has trailed behind. […]

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New study demonstrates the efficacy of Sanacore® GM to support immunocompetence and reduce the severity of vibriosis in gilthead sea bream

The intensification in the production of gilthead seabream in the Mediterranean region has increased the occurrence of disease outbreaks such as vibriosis. Sanacore® GM is […]

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Adimix Precision videos to explain what is Adisseo’s precision delivery coated sodium butyrate all about!

 The importance of butyrate  The importance of precision delivery    All about Adimix Precision  Adimix Precision in the field : focus […]

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🗓️ Adisseo sera présent au #VillagedelaChimie les 10 et 11 février prochains.
Venez nous rencontrer ! Nous vous parlerons nutrition animale et nos équipes présentes vous décriront les métiers de notre industrie 👉
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🐮 Amino acid balancing dairy rations is necessary to meet cow requirements for profitable lifetime performance. Increases in milk protein content from AA balancing were recognized early on. To learn more: #Adisseo #AminoAcidBalancing #DairyRations Adisseo photo
🐥🦐 Can we really compare extruded and pelleted feed? Lucas François ( @Tecaliman) and Marc Perel ( #Adisseo) are discussing this topic in a #webinar on: "How to optimize the energy consumption in the feed mill": #FeedMill #AnimalNutrition
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Adisseo participe au Forum Réseaux & Carrières au féminin organisé par @Ellesbougent.
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