Social responsibility

As a company committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Adisseo aims to ensure the satisfaction and commitment of its staff through actions in favor of well-being and health at work, diversity and solidarity (local events, support for humanitarian organizations, etc.).

Social Responsability Policy

Adisseo mission is to feed the planet in a sustainable, affordable, qualitative and safety way. Its first social responsibility is to fight against hunger, through a responsible employer approach, and a contribution to all community where it operates, providing qualitative food, safe environment, and facilitate education access to all.

Adisseo is a first-in-class inclusive Human organization where employees’ competencies are aligned with business needs and their aspirations are met, for a shared sustainable and profitable development.

We invest in the development of our employees, offer them career development and mobility opportunities (including worldwide), implement a motivating compensation scheme, and develop quality workplaces.

Our Human Richness Ambition is declined in 4 main HR and leaders missions:

  1. Care & Develop Talents: Be a reliable and strategic partner to engage managers and employees and support their development but also ensure the company has the talents needed.
  2. Spread culture: Promote Adisseo values and behaviors, but also impulse a change of culture through the company. Our culture is the foundation of a qualitative workspace where all diverse talent will be welcome and express their best potential.
  3. Support Business: Translate business needs into HR solutions and match business needs with the right tools, competencies and organization.
  4. Foster Sustainability: Contribute to the sustainable growth of Adisseo by promoting diversity and ethics and guarantee decent and sustainable working conditions.

Our people around the globe integrate in their mission the contribution to local communities wellness, they are empower to take initiatives to answer local need, and are proud to act for the good of the planet.

Supporting Adisseo’s commitments

Adisseo’s code of ethics is based on the values and behaviours advocated by the company, which are also reflected in the purchasing charter. It encourages openness, courage and respect.

The company provides employees with a whistleblowing platform to inform the company of a possible or proven breach of legal and regulatory provisions. This system allows them to report in complete confidentiality (concerning customers, employees, suppliers). In order to raise the awareness of all its employees on this subject, Adisseo provides mandatory training on compliance and ethics and regularly communicates
internally on these principles.

In addition, the company has drafted a new responsible purchasing charter to ensure that its various suppliers respect its social and environmental values. Each supplier must sign the charter to demonstrate their commitment to respecting requirements relating to human rights, worker health and safety, environmental protection and professional ethics.

Adisseo believes that the success of a company depends to a large extent on trust, not only from its business partners and shareholders but also and above all from its employees.

212 people were recruited

on permanent contracts, 118 of which were new positions.

Did you know

Children with disabilities

240 million
children with disabilities
in the world

Half have never attended school
while up to one in three do not eat enough
decent food to grow and thrive.

Adisseo’s commitment to social responsibility in actions

Adisseo in solidarity with dealing with the Covid-19 crisis

Adisseo sponsors and promotes the “We Care” programme, which brings together societal, collective and individual initiatives initiated by its employees. Each project aims to benefit local communities. Their implementation respects the company’s values and behaviour and leads to concrete actions in the field.

This commitment is mainly focused on the fi ght against malnutrition through the provision of food, the development of sustainable agriculture and the improvement of the quality of life for all through

In 2021 more than 50 local projects were identified. From 2022 onwards, every year during Sustainable Week, Adisseo will set up Solidarity Day when the best initiatives in each category will receive a prize to recognise the most effective and creative actions in three categories :

  • Individual
  • Team initiative (local)
  • Team initiative(interregional or global)

In addition to the recognition of the employees behind these initiatives by the members of the Executive Committee, support for the winning projects will be given.

Running for a sustainable cause

In September 2021 the new Let’s Move Around The World With Adisseo challenge took place, with the
objective of covering 100,000 km on foot or by bicycle over a period of two months. This challenge was largely surpassed by the 320 participants from all Adisseo entities, and three associations were each able to receive $ 1,000:

Gastromotiva (Brazil), which fi ghts against social inequalities and hunger by encouraging the development of nutritional skills and the launch of restaurants or similar projects in the favelas.
• Abraahce (Brazil), an association of animal therapy centres.
• Food for the Hungry (International) which works in areas such as education, agriculture, health and drinking water to lift communities out of extreme poverty.

These initiatives illustrate the willingness of employees to invest in solidarity initiatives while preserving their health, group spirit and the quest for performance.

Developing employment

In 2021 Adisseo pursued its growth and diversification strategy to meet the world’s growing need for animal proteins and to expand its service offering in order to accelerate the ecological transition of food chain manufacturers.

In 2021, 212 people were recruited on permanent contracts, 118 of which were new positions. These were mainly in sales, consulting for food chain manufacturers and research, as part of the diversifi cation of  the business, and in industrial production for the construction of the new production site in China. The contractual conditions offered in all countries ensure that Adisseo employees are paid above the market average, have minimum social security coverage regardless of the country’s practices, and enjoy a working and management environment that respects individuals and is clearly committed to preventing any form of discrimination or harassment.

As part of its training and apprenticeship policy and its participation in the French government’s “1 young person, 1 solution” plan, Adisseo also welcomed 47 young people on work-study contracts in 2021.
Similar initiatives have taken place in many of the Group’s countries, including China.

Adisseo has participated in numerous job fairs remotely, as part of school or professional initiatives. These have enabled us to maintain a link with talent pools despite the Covid crisis, and to meet Adisseo’s short- and medium-term needs in terms of skills. In 2021 Adisseo extended this practice to include fairs that bring together companies and talented disabled people as part of its inclusion policy.

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La team #QHSE d'Adisseo France recrute ! 📣
Nous sommes à la recherche d'un(e) Chef(fe) de projet HSE à #Commentry 🇫🇷
Rejoignez-nous dès à présent 👉
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