Social responsibility

As a company committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Adisseo aims to ensure the satisfaction and commitment of its staff through actions in favor of well-being and health at work, diversity and solidarity (local events, support for humanitarian organizations, etc.).

Ensuring employee diversity, engagement and development

First and foremost, Adisseo endorses the International declaration of human rights and the Labour Organisation (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Adisseo Human Richness and Transformation has an ambitious vision. Humans can’t be considered as a resource. They are people with specific and unique richness. We have implemented a Human Richness organization with a first mission of identifying talent and developing Adisseo women and men to support Adisseo’s sustainable development. Adisseo Human Richness vision is to lead Adisseo transformation and resilience to make business evolution a success, also for its employees through a great people experience and individual care for a more sustainable world.

Adisseo invest in the development of its employees, offer them a career development and mobility opportunities (including worldwide), implement a motivating compensation scheme, and develop quality workplaces.

Our Values & Behaviors

Values and Behaviors are one of the key pillars of Adisseo roadmap together with the vision, the mission and the strategy.

The values are Adisseo’s strong roots; these values exist since the creation of Adisseo:

Integrity, Result orientation, Commitment, Team Spirit and Creativity.

Our five behaviors are our “wings” that help us to put our values into actions and build Adisseo’ s future:

Customer Centricity, Engagement, Courage, Respect and Simplicity.

Adisseo HR ambition consists in 3 main missions

People experience

  • Create & drive conditions for a fulfilling people experience to optimize performance and competency
  • Business transformation

Design & drive organization, culture and skills evolution for business securization, transformation and efficiency

ESG alignment

  • Conceive & pilot social & societal commitments implementation
  • Design & operate Ethics program


214 people were recruited

on permanent contracts, 79 of which were new positions.

Did you know

1 of 6

1,3 billion people
live with a significant disability
in the world

Source: WHO Dec.2022

Growing and developing together

Every two years, Adisseo organizes a global internal survey, “Adisseo & I”, among its employees to assess their satisfaction and commitment. The 2022 survey, conducted at the end of the Covid pandemic crisis, shows a high sustainable employee commitment rate (77% vs 76% in 2020) compared to similar industry benchmark.

This high level of commitment of our employees shows that following the Covid pandemic, Adisseo has succeeded in setting up a hybrid (office / home office) work organization. This new work organization is the result of the adaptability and experience acquired by its employees and is a long-term solution.

It harmoniously integrates the operational needs and aspirations of employees in terms of well-being and commitment to work.

The “Training & Development” and “Working Conditions & Wellbeing” categories have made further progress, demonstrating Adisseo’s ability to create long-term commitment from its employees.

In 2024, a new “Adisseo & I” survey will help measure progress in the fields pointed as improvement areas by the employees and towards the co-construction of a sustainable company.

Contributing to the social development of communities

We have implemented a corporate social responsibility program named “WeCare”.

WeCare Volunteers Team aims to share and incentive mainly local initiatives but also in some cases transnational projects bring visibility and fostering the voluntary societal initiatives at Adisseo.

The result should benefit people on our surrounding communities and at the same time being aligned and coherent with our values, behaviors and company’s mission.

This program’s engagement is focused mainly on the fight against malnutrition and the improvement of life quality and Adisseo’s 2023 initiatives were:

  • Food supply and feed supply fighting against hunger
  • Increase poverty alleviation and assist on community development
  • Improvement of community quality through education assistance, including financial contributions for scholarships, book donation, coaching for job interviews, help to insert people at risk of exclusion into the labor market, World Reading Day
  • Food collection and Food Bank
  • Blood Donation Campaigns and Blood Bank needs awareness
  • Support to NGOs to pay for children/infantile milk (France & Brazil)
  • E-commerce poverty alleviation (China)
  • Stimulus on local purchasing


People development and training strategy

Adisseo’s learning and training strategy extends to all areas and is aimed at all employees; these are directly linked to the needs of the business. Adisseo is developing a learning culture by continually expanding learning opportunities. Our employees’ development paths are built to help them navigate in a highly uncertain environment, which demands a capacity of resilience, empathy and attentiveness, adaptability, transparency, and intuition.

As part of our ambitions to develop key skills, we invest in employee training, for all, to meet business needs: 2% of the total payroll is dedicated to training each year.

60% of the employees had a performance review, 25% of employees had an IDP in 2023

To strengthen, develop and pass on key competences (mainly scientific, technical, and soft skills) to secure our business in the medium to long term, we have decided to invest in a Digital Learning platform (named “Weconnect Digital Learning”) from 2022 onwards. The using of this digital learning platform has enabled us to reinforce and develop the in-house training made internally (by referent content designers named Ambassadors) and to propose off-the-shelf training.

Since 2023, Adisseo employees benefit from:

  • A digital learning platform linked with the Individual Development Plans (IDP),
  • Embedded digital learning programs such as Sales academy modules, Cybersecurity, Leadership,
  • Home-made learning programs suited for Adisseo specific needs,
  • Off-the-shelf training on several items.

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