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Methionine is an essential nutrient and generally is the first limiting amino acid for dairy cows. Meeting methionine requirements results in higher production, better metabolic health, and improved reproduction performance.

Because the methionine content of feedstuffs is generally low, supplemental methionine should be fed to meet the cow’s nutritional requirements. This allows the proper balance of amino acids to be achieved in the ration at an optimal feed cost; helps reduce nitrogen excretion; and helps improve production, health, and reproduction.

  • Smartamine® M, a coated methionine with specific pH-sensitive polymer  that protects the amino acid during its passage through the rumen, ensuring its release in the abomasum and absorption in the small intestine.

  • MetaSmart®, a unique source of specific, pelletable methionine for ruminants. MetaSmart® delivers excellent bio-availability and provides the needed methionine for the rumen microorganisms.

Benefits of Supplemental Methionine

Smartamine® M & MetaSmart® allow nutritionists, feed manufacturers, and premix companies to provide dairy nutrition solutions that involve amino acid balancing. These products contain methionine, an essential nutrient, that is known to enable:

  1. Milk production with increased protein and higher fat

  2. Greater feed efficiency

  3. Better metabolic health and reproduction


Methionine is key to meeting requirements for milk performance and also plays essential roles in other metabolic functions. These include helping to ensure optimum reproductive performance and liver function. Supplying adequate quantities of methionine is critical for transition cows to eat adequate amounts to meet their energy needs for production while helping to minimize metabolic issues such as fatty liver and ketosis.

Smartamine® M Rumen Protected Methionine

Smartamine® M, a coated methionine designed for ruminants and in particular dairy cows, is an exclusive product patented by Adisseo. Its small beads of methionine are covered with a specific pH-sensitive coating. This unique coating protects the amino acid during its passage through the animal’s rumen.

Once the Smartamine® M passes through the rumen, the coating breaks down and the methionine is released in the abomasum, the ruminant’s last stomach. This enables the absorption of methionine in the small intestine for passage into the bloodstream and use by the cow.


Nutrition consultants, premix companies, and/or feed manufacturers use Smartamine M. They use it as an innovative solution in nutritional strategies to allow a dairy herd’s production performance to be realized as well as more of the herd’s full genetic potential.

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MetaSmart® Methionine for Pelleted and Liquid Feeds

MetaSmart®, an ester of the analogue of methionine, is a unique feed ingredient and patented molecule from Adisseo. It is designed to optimize amino acid balancing in dairy cow rations and; and can be utilized in multiple types of feeds including pelleted and liquid feed for ruminants.

MetaSmart®, delivers two modes of action:

  • Rumen Wall Absorption (50% bioavailable): 50% of MetaSmart®, is absorbed across the rumen wall to provide the supplementary methionine necessary to optimize milk protein synthesis and metabolic health.

  • Rumen Activation (50% bioavailable): 50% of MetaSmart®, is hydrolyzed in the rumen to the analogue of methionine. The analogue has been shown to have a positive benefit on rumen fermentation increasing the energy contribution of feeds and increasing the microbial protein supply.

As per the scheme below, only MetaSmart®, supplies methionine for both the animal’s requirements: It’s 50% bioavailable and 50% rumen active.

Whether you choose Smartamine® M or MetaSmart®, Adisseo is dedicated to delivering reliable nutritional solutions that will optimize the methionine status of your animals necessary for cow performance and health.

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