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Our nutritional supplements offer the best safety guarantee for people and the environment while also improving the performance of animal production.

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Adisseo, your partner of choice

We are constantly innovating thanks to our own research centers and collaboration with experts from our international partnerships. We can therefore guarantee the best products and services to support you in your business.

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Adisseo is committed to a sustainable growth

Sustainable development is central to our business :  Our additives reduce the environmental impact of livestock and we are constantly improving our processes to reduce waste and optimize resources.

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12 September 2018

Alterion® is a complete probiotic solution for poultry….


Adisseo South America at Zootec / Formuleite – Goiania, Brazil

7 September 2018

Adisseo sponsored the Formuleite…


H1 2018: double-digit growth

26 July 2018

driven by liquid methionine and specialties

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1 planet for 7 billion people

An ever-growing number of people to feed worldwide in both quantity and quality

Animal Nutrition Products


Rhodimet® is a source of methionine, an essential amino acid for all animals.
Amino acids are the structural elements of all plant or animal proteins.

Rovabio® is an enzyme preparation that improves the digestibility of certain raw materials for poultry and pigs and contributing to a better environment for livestock.

Microvit® A and E are stabilized vitamin A and E formulations that are adapted to the constraints of animal feed production.

Smartamine® is a source of protected methionine that improves the protein content of milk.
MetaSmart® is a bioavailable methionine for dairy cows that makes it possible to increase milk production and protein and butterfat levels.

Selisseo® is a new form of organic selenium, an antioxidant that fights against oxidative stress.

AdiSodium™ – the new standard of sodium sulfate dedicated to feed
Used in monogastric animals, AdiSodium™ is an economic solution to balancing dietary electrolytes.

Alterion is a natural, non-GMO probiotic solution derived from a single strain of Bacillus subtilis, carefully selected by our experts and our partner Novozymes. Thanks to Alterion, digestive nutrients are absorbed better, feed use is optimized, results are improved, and waste is shrunk.

Other Products & Services


Adisseo offers a range of sulfur products and services related to its industrial processes

Sulfuric acid is the most-produced raw material in the world.

Adisseo offers a regeneration service that allows you to manage the lifecycle of sulfuric acid: its supply to its regeneration after processing.

Our customers benefit from a complete ecological and economic solution for the regeneration of sulfuric acid.

Carbon disulfide is used as a synthetic intermediate in the manufacturing of numerous organic sulfur compounds (textile viscose, dietary viscose, rubber, fungicides etc.).

Sodium sulfate is used in various industries such as glass, detergent, pulp and paper, etc.

Ammonium sulfate is used in fertilizers, aspirin, etc.


In 2011 after 15 years of partnership, Adisseo acquired Innov’IA, the European leader in the manufacturing of powders. This merger strengthened Adisseo’s expertise in the manufacturing of our additives, creating value for our customers.

Innov’IA’s operations focus mainly on human and animal nutrition in the areas of formulated and active compounds as well as specific ingredients for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical industries.

Low temperature spray drying, prilling, agglomeration, microencapsulation and coating are the main areas of expertise mastered by Innov’IA.

Innov’IA has retained its management autonomy and today, with its subsidiaries, employs more than 150 employees, has one research center and four production sites.

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Industrial sites