Swine resilience to secure performance


Fluctuating contexts and challenges, such as temperature variation, high density, or new pathogens, present ongoing hurdles in livestock farming, increasing the negative impact of bacteria on animal health.

In addition to this, the restriction on antibiotic usage further complicates pathogen management strategies.

One solution to maintain performance within challenged conditions is the implementation of animal resilience concept.


Fluctuating challenges impair animal resilience


Fluctuating contexts
and challenges such
as temperature variations,
new pathogens, etc.

Activation of defense
mechanisms aimed at
maintaining homeostasis


Damage to biological
function, such as gut
integrity, immune system,

Decline in zootechnical
performances, and in
extreme cases, leading
to mortality



✔  Resilience avoids leaving the homeostasis status to express the full performance potential of animals.

Improving animal resilience requires a holistic approach which involves identifying challenges and implementing strategies to strengthen animals.

By focusing on enhancing animal resilience and offering comprehensive and tailored solutions to combat stressors, Adisseo aims to be your trusted partner in addressing the challenges of modern animal farming.


Preventing challenges sits in a holistic approach


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Ensure Feed Safety and Quality

Ensure Feed Safety and Quality

Within the realm of microbiological contamination, mycotoxins such as aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol, and zearalenone are of particular concern for swine.

Mycotoxins pose health risks to animals, compromising growth and reproduction performance. They increase susceptibility to illness due to immune suppression or are even responsible for damaging organs.

✔  Still at low levels (below regulatory limits), mycotoxins can have an impact on animal growth.

✔  The prolonged stress induced by mycotoxins is an aggravating factor for infections and the prevalence of pathogens, among others.


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Key benefits:

  Predict risks in crop production

  Evaluate risk levels

Protect animal health against broad-spectrum mycotoxin contamination


Coping with the environmental challenges

Coping with the environmental challenges

  Pigs face regular exposure to environmental stimuli.

  Stressful stimuli, such as weaning, temperature variation, high density, lead to stress and be perceived as a threat.

At the cell level, a stressful environment triggers the release of stress hormones, increases free radicals’ production and overwhelms the body’s antioxidant defense system, leading to oxidative stress.

The repercussions of stress encompass changes in biological function, resulting in decreased performance.


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Key benefits:

  Improve the antioxidant protection

  Maintain performance under challenging conditions

  Enhance diseases resilience

Optimizing gut’s functions

Optimizing gut’s functions

Gut barrier function is crucial for protecting against pathogens pressure and maintaining homeostasis. However, factors such as infectious agents, environmental stressors, and other challenges compromise the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract, rendering animals more susceptible to outbreaks of bacterial diseases. This can result in decreased performance, growth, and reproduction, and in severe cases, mortality.

Understanding the gut barrier function is the initial step in ensuring animal resilience:

✔  Preserving the stability of gut microbiota is crucial for maintaining gut equilibrium and preventing infections. This can be achieved through direct antimicrobial action, collaboration with the immune system, or counteracting tactics developed by pathogens for their survival.

✔  Strengthening the physical barrier involves preserving permeability and tight epithelial junctions.

Regulating inflammation is essential for influencing immune response balance by leveraging the role of the immune system: surveillance, detection, defensive reaction, and elimination of foreign agents.


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Key benefits:

✔  Improve intestinal health

✔  Limit the deleterious effect of bacterial infection

  Better animal health and performance under challenges




✔  Understanding Challenges and Needs of Our Partners
To effectively support partner needs, Adisseo aims to first identify and understand their challenges. One of them is the management of health issues and disease outbreaks.

✔  Proposing Adapted Solutions to secure performance
To address these challenges, Adisseo proposes specific solutions tailored to solve them. These solutions involve a combination of products and services designed to enhance animal health and performance.

✔  Continuous Support and Being Your Trusted Partner
Adisseo understand that implementing these solutions is just the beginning. Therefore, continuous support is offered to ensure our partner’s success. By building a strong and collaborative relationship, Adisseo can support in achieving your goals and ensuring the success.

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