Digestive & metabolic enhancer powered by bile salts

Replace cholesterol and reduce cost

Cholesterol is an essential nutrient for shrimp. Purified cholesterol can be supplemented to shrimp feeds to reach a targeted level. However, supplementation has become very expensive and therefore cost-effective alternative options are needed.

Lipogest® is a digestibility and metabolic enhancer based on bile salts. These improve the digestive capacity for lipids in the digestive system of shrimp, but also constitute an alternative source for the steroid ring of cholesterol. Trials show that 0.125% Lipogest® in a shrimp feed containing 0.06% cholesterol maintained the growth rate and feed conversion efficiency of a feed containing 0.08% cholesterol. Bile salt supplementation is a cost-saving strategy to make shrimp feeds perform with less cholesterol.

Lipid digestion

Lipid digestion in both fish and shrimp is influenced by many parameters. For shrimp, essential lipid compounds such as cholesterol, phospholipids and highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA’s) are key nutrients, which are less abundant and less available in plant-based diets.

In fish, fat digestion and metabolism can be impaired by environmental stress factors and alternative ingredients. Supplementation with a digestive & metabolic enhancer will optimize the utilization of essential lipids and maximize the energy availability for growth.

Lipogest® benefits

  • Cost-effective replacement of cholesterol in shrimp feed
  • Hepatopancreas/liver conditioner
  • Support the replacement of fishmeal/fish oil
  • Digestive support in feed formulations with high levels of plant ingredients
  • Maximize energy availability for growth (improved protein efficiency and filleting yield)

More information

Proven results in aquaculture species

Lipogest® has proven its positive effect in multiple aquaculture species.


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