AQUALYSO® to maintain the performance of shrimp feed in times of fishmeal and fish oil shortage


Peru has recently canceled the first fishing season for anchovy in the north-central zone, creating new challenges for the global market of fishmeal and fish oil. Aquafeed producers must be prepared to use nutritional strategies that allow lower inclusions of fishmeal and fish oil while maintaining the performance of shrimp feeds.

AQUALYSO®, a lyso-phospholipid (LPL) based digestibility enhancer developed for application in aquatic species, is proposed as a solution to relieve cost pressure from fishmeal and fish oil prices. In this article, AQUALYSO® improved the performance of a shrimp feed formulated with reduced levels of fishmeal and fish oil (respectively, 7% and 1%), making it comparable with that of a feed containing higher levels of fishmeal and fish oil (respectively, 20% and 3%).

AQUALYSO® is therefore an effective strategy to optimize the feed cost and performance of shrimp feeds.


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