Digestive & metabolic enhancer for Aquaculture: Aqualyso


Aqualyso® is powered by lyso-phospholipids

Adisseo is a global leader in lyso-phospholipid based solutions for aquaculture. Aqualyso® offers a unique profile of lyso-phospholipids (LPL), specifically developed for aquaculture species and powered by novel mode of actions.


At Adisseo, we fully control the production process, allowing us to guarantee our unique LPL specifications on every lot of Aqualyso® sold around the world. We supply out of production platforms in Europe and Asia, all compliant to the highest Quality certification programs.

Backed by strong scientific evidence and supported by our Service Platform on Aquaculture Nutrition, Adisseo offers nutritional services to optimize the application of Aqualyso® in your feed formulation and get more out of your feed ingredients.

Aqualyso® benefits

  • Enhanced nutrient absorption and utilization in fish and shrimp
  • Digestive and metabolic aid to compensate suboptimal culture conditions
  • Cost-effective replacement of fat and lecithin

More information

Proven results in aquaculture species

Aqualyso® has proven its positive effect on performance and feed cost efficiency in multiple aquaculture species: shrimp, salmonids, marine fish and freshwater fish.



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