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Formulation service to obtain nutritional recommendations in net energy



Lots of energy systems are already used to formulate diet for monogastric animals. Net Energy system is the most appropriate to be closer to the animal needs. Indeed, compared to metabolizable energy, formulating in net energy enables to focus on providing the nutrients used for the animal maintenance and for its growth (fat and protein deposit).

With its long-standing expertise in feed formulation, and previous softwares for precise nutrition released on the market (PNE, Adict), Adisseo brings together the most recent information in recommendations and nutritional values to offer a unique platform: NESTOR.


gives nutritional recommendations for poultry & swine in net energy, digestible amino acids and minerals to adapt them with specific conditions (rearing period, sex, age, breed).

It also gives nutritional values for raw materials in proximate, energies, total & digestible amino acids and minerals. With these two sets of data, formulation in net energy gets easy!



  • Ready to use science: find all the information concerning the nutritional recommendation to formulate with specific conditions.
  • A step further in formulation accuracy: match the real needs of animals for productions purpose to avoid feed the heat increment secondary to digestion process.
  • Support to better associate nutritional values and performance: optimizing the use of feed for animal performance.
  • Net energy formulation for more sustainable animal protein production: by reducing waste and allowing the best use of alternative feedstuffs.


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  • A webinar on Net Energy System …coming soon
    We are pleased to invite you to upcoming eFeedlink webinar BE THE MASTER OF ENERGY: unleash the full potential of your animals that will take place at 4.00 pm Singapore (GMT+7) on November 3rd. Experts & Formulators in energy will explain how Net Energy is the most appropriate system to Read more
  • Adopting Net Energy approach in feed formulation with NESTOR
      During an interview realized by Feedinfo, two Adisseo collaborators answered a succession of questions. […] “It has been clearly demonstrated that formulating closer to the animal needs, that is in Net Energy (NE), will improve production efficiency !” Pierre-André Geraert, Adisseo Scientific Marketing Director. […] To help nutritionists make Read more
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La team #QHSE d'Adisseo France recrute ! 📣
Nous sommes à la recherche d'un(e) Chef(fe) de projet HSE à #Commentry 🇫🇷
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