Ensuring the safety of persons, installations, products, transport and the environment is Adisseo’s No. 1 priority. Reinforced action plans have been implemented to guarantee safety, thanks to innovative and continuous awareness-raising measures. Every day, all employees rally to reach the “Zero Accident” goal.

Our Health and Safety policy

Zero accident is one of the permanent objective of this commitment in all fields. It is maintained through systematic and thorough analysis of risks and losses, and the implementation of best techniques of prevention by associating all stakeholders in a will of Sustainable Development.

Adisseo’s health and safety policy leans on the six following drivers :

  • Ensure health and Safety of people by preventing and controlling risks, contributing to wellbeing at work
  • Demonstrate leadership and exemplarity
  • From unit design, consider process, products risks and ergonomics in safety analysis studies in order to guarantee job safety as well as process safety at the workplace
  • Prepare the organization for potential emergency situations management
  • Minimize risk by investigation of near-misses and incidents
  • Require contractors to manage safety in line with this policy

2020, new best year for safety

For the second consecutive year, our safety results represent Adisseo’s best ever performance.
Despite a difficult second quarter, our safety performance over the three other quarters was well below the target.
Five of the twelve months of the year are also without accident.
This demonstrate that our permanent objective “zero accident” is achievable thanks to the various specific action plans dedicated to safety, good practices and safety culture deployed throughout all the company.

9.8 million

Health and safety operational cost in 2019

Did you know

people die every day in the world from accidents at work or occupational diseases.


people die every day in the world due to an occupational accident.

Adisseo’s commitment to safety in actions

6 golden rules for safety

In 2014, Adisseo adopted a good practice put in place in numerous companies with a view to improving their safety performance: the application of the golden rules. It must enable avoiding almost half of the accidents observed. Most often it concerns safety rules that the majority know and respect already. But when they are not respected, accidents inevitably occur. Consequently, it is appropriate to accurately analyze why a rule was not respected and to act accordingly.

Adisafe program

In 2019 the Adisafe programme was launched in the Roches-Roussillon site (France). It follows “act safely” program already deployed at Commentry plant (France). Adisafe is an approach that aims to establish an integrated safety culture, i.e. involve all employees to reach the shared objective of “Zero Accident” defined by Adisseo. Indeed, good safety performance is the result of everyone’s vigilance and actions. 

Nine areas of work have been defined, based on a diagnostic in the form of a questionnaire and interviews, undertaken with the help of the staff. Common knowledge, roles and responsibilities, and the management of instrumental safety barriers were already addressed at the end of the year. 

The approach is based on the idea of enabling and seeking the participation of as many people as possible.

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