Ensuring the health and safety of people, facilities, products, transportation and the environment is Adisseo’s number one priority. Reinforced action plans have been deployed to guarantee safety, through innovative systems and ongoing awareness-raising activities. Every day, all employees work hard to achieve the “Zero Accident” objective.

The company’s security policy

Zero accidents is one of the permanent objectives of this commitment in all areas. It is supported by a systematic and in-depth analysis of risks and losses, and the implementation of the best prevention techniques by associating all stakeholders in a commitment to Sustainable Development.

Adisseo’s health and safety policy is based on the following six principles:

  • Ensure the health and safety of people through prevention and control of risks, contributing to well-being in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate leadership and example.
  • Take into account risks related to processes, products and ergonomics in safety risk analysis studies, right from the design stage, in order to guarantee the safety of people and processes in the workplace.
  • Help prepare the organization to manage possible emergency situations.
  • Reduce risk by investigating incidents and near misses.
  • Require subcontractors to manage safety in accordance with this policy.


After a year during which Adisseo saw its safety performance deteriorate in 2021, the situation improved in 2022.
After a mediocre start to the year, the accident rate fell and the overall performance for the year was on target. The accident severity rate also decreased compared to the two previous years. Several safety initiatives were launched and bore fruit. The most important of these was an assessment of the safety maturity of all our
sites, which enabled us to identify actions for immediate progress as well as short and medium-term actions. We also relied on the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) management system of our shareholder, SINOCHEM Group, by using it as a reference for evaluating our practices. The requirements of this management system, known as FORUS, helped identify additional avenues for progress. The objective is now to deploy all of its practices.




million € Health and safety operational cost in 2022

Did you know

Road traffic injuries

1.3 million


50 million

injuries each year


Source: UN Nov.2022

Adisseo’s commitment to safety in actions

Rallying around safety

For the 10th consecutive year, Adisseo’s employees rallied for Global Safety Day.
This day enabled us to develop a dialogue on the commitment of each individual to safety, to discuss possible improvements and to share best practices.
In 2022, it was enhanced by the presence of members of the Executive Committee at the various sites. The aim was to encourage direct exchanges between Committee members and staff in the field after the period of the health crisis had interrupted them. Numerous workshops, webinars and activities were held at all our sites. Here are some examples of the activities carried out in 2022:

North America
Discussions on improving security and ideas retained
Ergonomics and skeletal muscle disorders
Quality of Life at Work (QWL)
Initiations and awareness of fire risks
Road safety for pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, cars, etc…
Animations for the BURSAFE safety culture programme
Practice of simulators (virtual reality, driving, etc.)
Multiple workshops on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Escape room safety box
First aid procedures for cardiac arrest
Europe and Africa/Middle East
The golden rules at home
Conducting a safety observation
Working and travelling during and after the health crisis
Sharing risk analysis at the workplace
Chasing bad behavioural habits
Fire extinguishing exercise
5S Workshops
Implementation of the FORUS management system
Signature of safety commitment
Root cause analysis of events
Personal protective equipment (PPE) competition
Liquid leak and emergency evacuation simulation exercises
Discussion on new ways of travelling
Health and safety during shift work
Awareness of chemical burns
Noise hazards, major hazards and high-risk activities.

Enhancing security

Adisseo’s safety policy aims to put in place effective measures to protect people, goods, products, processes and information systems against any criminal or malicious actions (intrusion, theft, terrorism), including cyber-attacks.
Numerous organisational provisions complement the physical protection measures already in place.
In 2022, a special effort has been made on the security of office and industrial information systems, with the aim of strengthening resilience and guaranteeing the continuity of essential activities:
An EBIOS Risk Manager type risk analysis was carried out with the identification of critical activities and resources.
The business continuity and IT recovery plans (BCP and IRP) were reviewed and enhanced.
A crisis exercise with activation of the BCP by the crisis unit helped validate the scenario sheets and the role of each person. Preparing to manage an emergency situation is an essential part of risk management, whatever the risk.
All these actions were reinforced by the renewal of a user awareness campaign on cyber risks and respect for good practices, which was followed by more than 98% of the staff.



The quest for “zero accidents”

There can be no performance for a company if it has accidents in its operations. Nor is it conceivable that people should be injured or put their lives at risk in the course of their work.
Achieving zero accidents is therefore Adisseo’s continuous goal. In 2022, several examples have demonstrated that this goal is achievable.
The commissioning of a new liquid methionine production platform, adjacent to the existing plant in Nanjing (China), started in mid-2022 after 7.5 million man-hours on site and without any accidents.
The production sites of Kallo (Belgium) and Barbastro (Spain), acquired as part of the purchase of NUTRIAD, have not recorded any accidents in the last three years. The same positive results were achieved in Adisseo’s commercial regions.

These remarkable performances were possible thanks to the involvement of the teams and the rigorous organisation put in place.
In the field of safety, nothing can be taken for granted and this requires constant attention to ensure that the right operations, the right gestures are carried out in the right way, at the right time and in complete safety.
At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, Adisseo carried out a safety maturity assessment of all its sites using the DSS (Dupont Sustainable Solutions) and DNV (Det Norske Veritas) methods, two internationally recognized organisations in this field. Their approach helped identify the strengths and weaknesses of each site.
All of our major industrial sites were also evaluated according to the FORUS reference system, the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) management system of our shareholder, SINOCHEM.
These various initiatives are part of the « safety culture » programmes already in place at most of our sites and allow us to compare ourselves with other companies. The results obtained have led to the development of a comprehensive improvement plan to raise our safety culture to the highest level and achieve our goal of « zero accidents ».
Periodic reassessments will show the progress made.

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