Rovabio® PhyPlus, a new generation phytase

Rovabio PhyPlus is the last product from Rovabio range launched by Adisseo.

The careful selection of the proper phytase gene allowed to reach a fast, powerful and highly thermostable product.

Thanks to its efficiency, almost all the IP6 can be broken within the first 30 minutes leading to a high release potential of phosphorus from phytates allowing to reach in classicals diet until 87% of phosphorus availability with high dose of 2000 FTU/kg of feed.

Using phytase

Phytases are used in more that 90% of poultry and swine operations. Initially used to fulfil regulatory requirements of Phosphorus excretion limitations, phytases proved over the years to be more than simple phosphorus extractors.

Rovabio PhyPlus mode of action

Rovabio PhyPlus as a 6-phytase starts degrading phytate from Phosphorus in 6th position, then continues until reaching the inositol level.
The process starts as soon as the feed rehydrated in animal proventriculus (or jabot?) and stops when the gut content reaches a too high pH for the phytase to be efficient. This is where an full activity at low pH is important to start the phytate degradation soon enough.

What to expect from Rovabio PhyPlus usage?

  • A quick degradation of phytates, limiting their anti-nutritional impacts
  • Release of phosphorus from vegetal raw materials
  • Decrease of mineral phosphorus in formulation need
  • Confidence in getting the dose wanted due to its intrinsic thermostability

Where to find it?

Rovabio PhyPlus is currently available in 3 countries: Pakistan, India and Mexico. Following the registration process, other countries will be opened in the coming months.
It exists in two different forms: liquid and granulated powder. For other information, please refer to the MSDS.

FAST: 100 % phytate degraded in 30 minutes to counter antinutritional effect

POWERFUL: Ability to extract 80% of phytic phosphorus

THERMOSTABLE: Liquid in the mixer

FEEDASE PROGRAM: Holistic approach on enzyme usage



Rovabio PhyPlus launch happened during a webinar on November 30th 2021. Pierre-André Geraert, Marcio Ceccantini and Baris Yavus introduced the main benefits for our customers to use that new phytase.

Eventually, Claire Xu presented the Feedase Program, the Adisseo approach introduced few years ago to tackle the indigestible part of the feed with enzyme solutions.


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Predictor provides this information and takes it into account to customize your enzyme matrix.

Predictor-A tool for Matrix customization

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Nutritional values calculation tool: Adict

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Thanks to a network of worldwide analytical laboratories, Adisseo brings to its customers reliable and specific analytical services in various fields of activity. It is directly accessible online through E.lab, a web platform that allows customers to submit analytical requests, follow the progress of samples from submission to results and directly access results including certificate of analysis and comments from Adisseo technical managers.

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Adisseo provides its customers with PNE, a unique service based on NIR technology to predict the nutritional quality of the raw materials used in feed. Adisseo is able to analyze all main dietary ingredients to predict in real time the multiple characteristics impacting nutritional quality, using a reliable system based on in vivo data.

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Latest Product News

  • Pig Feedase approach Article
    At the occasion of Digestive Physiology for pigs congress in Rotterdam, we are sharing an full 12 page article on pig feed digestibility, with a specific focus on anti-nutritional factors and the way to mitigate their effect with enzymes to get the most of the feed.
    Plant by-products are valuable ingredients in the formulation of sustainable and cost-effective aquafeeds, particularly for species with herbivorous and omnivorous habits. However, the use of these ingredients implies nutritional limitations associated to the presence of antinutritional compounds such non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) and phytate. Multi-enzymatic solutions based on carbohydrases and phytases Read more
  • Adisseo Promotes its Second-Generation Feedase
    FeedInfo News Service - 6 June 2019 Adisseo touches base with Feedinfo News Service to discuss Rovabio® Advance Phy – the latest offering of the Rovabio® Advance series, Advance Predictor - its prediction software intended to aid nutritionists in the extraction of full value from Rovabio products, and Feedase as Read more
  • Efficacy of Rovabio® Advance Phy
    A new study carried out by Adisseo’s enzyme research team shows that Rovabio® Advance Phy can compensate for high reductions in metabolizable energy and nutrients, whilst maintaining optimal levels of performance in broilers. Metabolizable energy (ME), digestible amino acids (dAA) and available phosphorus (avP) are the largest and most expensive Read more
  • Improving the efficiency of corn-soya diets for poultry
    New research has shown positive effects on broiler performance when a wide range of NSP-degrading enzymes are included in the diet. Non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) are the main constituents of plant cell walls and play a role in the encapsulation of nutrients including amino acids, starch and lipids. It is well known Read more
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