Sustainable growth

Adisseo’s ambition is to be a profitable and growing company that operates sustainably. To this end, research and innovation are essential to set the company apart and offer its clients innovative and sustainable solutions to help them grow.

Sustainable Growth Policy

As Animal Nutrition Expert, Adisseo plays a key role in improving quality and efficiency in animal protein production. Our mission is to contribute to improving animal production performance in order to allow for a nutrition that will be cost efficient, healthier and more balanced for the benefit of animals, consumers and environment.

We operate in a dynamic market where growth is significant. Adisseo is proactively investing to meet this growing demand. Delivering an economic performance in line with its commitments is a permanent priority for Adisseo, which relies on the quality of its economic results to build a climate of confidence with shareholders, free up investment capacity and develop redistribution policies.

This attention to economic results encourages the company to seize market opportunities and cost reductions when they do not undermine any of its medium-term objectives with its various stakeholders and do not imply any compromise on safety. Our growth is fostered by an ongoing research and innovation policy which is implemented in our range of products and services, in our production processes, as well as in our working and organizational methods.

To meet the expectations of our customers and to provide solutions for new markets, we rely on multiple contractual relationships we have established with various industrial and academic partners, suppliers, distributors and customers, as well as external acquisitions.

All these efforts are aimed at guaranteeing Adisseo a sustainable growth method that harmoniously balances human development, economic development and the preservation of our planet’s resources.


A voluntary Health-Safety-Environment (HSE) investment policy

Our HSE operational budgets, which must integrate an increasing number of regulatory constraints (additional studies, rising taxes, etc.) are under control thanks to a deliberate HSE investment strategy of close to EUR 40 million per year over the last three years. In 2020, 50% of our HSE investments were directly related to the protection of environment within the framework of energy recovery projects or the use of the best available techniques for the treatment of our emissions. Each industrial project is made good use of to improve and strengthen our management of safety and environmental risks and to reduce their impact in a strategy of sustainable growth.

3.5 millions of € for JAVA

to eliminate the use of hazardous products

Did you know

Consumption Index

6 kg

 of feed to produce 1kg of beef

2,7 kg
of feed to produce 1kg of pork

1,6 kg
of feed to produce 1kg of chicken

1 kg

 of feed to produce 1 kg of fish

Adisseo’s commitment to sustainable growth in actions

Decarbonize our processes

Adisseo is committed to the fight against climate change, one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Moving towards the decarbonization of processes through accessible solutions and breakthrough technologies is a priority objective. Adisseo’s methionine synthesis workshops in Europe use a common intermediate, produced on the Saint Clair du Rhône site (France), from hydrogen sulfi de (H2S).
By studying a new route to H2S, Adisseo is aiming to signifi cantly reduce the carbon footprint of its site. The new process uses hydrogen as a raw material, replacing natural gas, and could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30,000 tons per year. With the support of the Research and Innovation teams, a first hydrogen test trial on the current unit was carried out in 2020, demonstrating its feasibility.
Adisseo has joined forces with industrial partners to study a new synthesis workshop, and to have the most virtuous hydrogen access route possible. This project has been labeled “Hydrogen Territory”.
It is already supported by Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and the French government and is a candidate for uropean funding from the “Innovation Fund”. Its completion is expected in 2023.
As Emmanuel Goldberger, Director of Operations in France, has pointed out: “Our project aims to support growth of the nutritional additives market in a sustainable manner by reducing the environmental impact of our processes”.

FRAmelco joins Adisseo

At the end of 2020 Adisseo acquired the FRAmelco Group, a Dutch company producing additives for animal nutrition. FRAmelco is a multinational, familyowned group based in the Netherlands with a turnover of approximately € 30 million. It operates 3 plants in the Netherlands (near Breda), Spain (near Huesca) and Thailand (near Bangkok). FRAmelco produces and sells Glycerides to reduce health problems and improve animal performance and Lysolecithins to improve feed digestibility. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and thanks to the teams’ exceptional mobilization, this strategic acquisition was concluded to fuel the growth of the Specialties Department, asserting the company’s ambition to become a world
leader in specialty additives in animal nutrition.

Innov’IA to build new production unit

As part of the development of its custom powder manufacturing activities, Innov’IA, a subsidiary of Adisseo, is investing in a new production unit. The future plant will be located in the Anjou region (France) and construction will start in January 2021 with the aim of starting operations in July 2022. Adisseo is investing EUR 35.5 million in the construction of this 9500 m² production unit which will include 3 industrial lines and 1 packaging line. It will be designed to meet the most advanced requirements in terms of hygiene, safety and environment. Through this investment, Adisseo will create 35 jobs when the site starts up and 80 jobs in the long term.

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