Sustainable growth

Adisseo’s ambition is to be a profitable and growing company that operates sustainably. To this end, research and innovation are essential to set the company apart and offer its clients innovative and sustainable solutions to help them grow.

Sustainable Growth

In today’s increasingly fragmented world, we have a well-balanced manufacturing set-up to deliver methionine and other products and services which improve the health, the production cost as well as the sustainability of the animal production supply chain.

We aim to maintain our leading position in the animal feed sector by meeting our customers’ expectations. Consequently, we apply “Customer Centricity” programs to enhance our value proposition by developing an appropriate interactive mindset across the entire value chain, aiming for a deep understanding of customers’ needs and product use in order to provide appropriate solutions, products and services.

Adisseo strives to contribute to its sustainable growth by promoting diversity and ethics and guarantee decent and sustainable working conditions. We believe that the multiculturalism and the diversity of our employees, not only represents a significant part of our culture, but also our reputation and achievements.

New plant for methionine product

Adisseo officially announced the construction of a new 150 kt/year powder methionine plant in China. This project effectively includes process optimization, reducing carbon emissions, water consumption, by-products production and waste.

Upgrading existing equipment for environmental protection

In order to actively respond to the local government’s requirements of low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly policy, Nanjing Plant is optimizing the wastewater treatment process and installed a steam turbine (30 MW) to improve its energy efficiency. This turbine will produce around 800 TJ/y of electricity. It will be directly consumed by the plant, leading to a reduction of consumption from the Chinese electricity grid with a strong impact on energy absolute consumption at group level.

Adisseo partners with AXELERA for the DECLYC project

Adisseo announced a significant contribution from its industrial facility located in Saint Clair du Rhône, France, to the DECLYC project. This initiative, spearheaded by AXELERA and endorsed by Métropole de Lyon, has gained recognition and support from ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition.

The primary objective of DECLYC is to expedite the decarbonization efforts in Lyon Vallée de la Chimie, with a targeted reduction of 80% in CO2 emissions by 2050, equivalent to 1.6 million tons of annually, aligning with national sustainability goals. The project is divided into several themes and Adisseo participates notably to Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage.

€ 42 millions investment in SEGRE (France) for the construction of a new factory

to ensure the development of our subsidiary INNOV'IA

Did you know

Consumption Index

6 kg

 of feed to produce 1kg of beef

1,6 kg
of feed to produce 1kg of chicken

Adisseo’s commitment to sustainable growth in actions

Ensuring responsible purchases

Purchasing Charter

The foundation of our Responsible Purchase Policy is the Responsible Purchasing Charter – which sets forth our requirements, but also Adisseo’s commitments to its suppliers.

Principles set forth in this Purchasing Charter are consistent with our global objectives of:

  • reducing potential negative impacts of our supply chain on environment and climate;
  • ensuring that our suppliers comply with workers’ rights and business ethics principles.

This document is available to all on our corporate website ( All suppliers are required to confirm that they have acquainted themselves with the Charter – and that their own principles and commitment are consistent with the principles expressed in the Charter.

Selection and assessment of suppliers

The purchasing organization primary responsibility is to select suppliers and to assess the continuous performance of our partners.

Whenever Adisseo is in a situation to set up a competitive process to select one supplier’s proposal among other possible solutions, buyer shall set up formal criteria for this selection. These formal criteria shall include, among other criteria such as competitivity and quality of technical proposal, selection criteria related to supplier’s impact – both negative and positive – on sustainable development goals. These criteria are to be expressed in the documents communicated to the potential suppliers – and discussed with candidates during the selection process.

Adisseo has also chosen the ISO20400 standard as a reference for its practices. An evaluation is carried out annually with the support of the French Agency for Standardisation (AFNOR). CSR risk mapping of all its purchasing segments is at the heart of these practices.


Start-up of CALYSSEO’S 1ST FEEDKIND® plant in Chongqing (China)

The world’s first industrial-scale facility to produce FeedKind®, a microbial protein that has been developed to replace the use of fish meal in aquaculture feeds, was commissioned in October 2022.
Calysseo, a joint venture between Adisseo and Calysta, will initially produce 20,000 tonnes of protein per year from the plant in Chongqing, China. Once start-up operations are complete, the fermenter will become the largest Feedkind® protein production facility in the world.
This protein offers aquaculture companies a high quality, biodiversity friendly solution to the growing needs of the Chinese market. The first deliveries of FeedKind® Aqua to customers will take place in the coming weeks, making Feedkind® the fi rst alternative fermented protein to be offered on a large scale to the aquaculture sector.
Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo, said: “Food safety has been increasingly in the spotlight in recent months, but we’re now entering a new era of sustainable food production. Calysseo brings to the market a new way of producing high quality proteins from a non-GMO (non Genetically Modified Organisms) bioprocess, which is increasingly in demand throughout the supply chain.”
“We’ve long been committed to improving the safety and sustainability of the food ingredients market and Calysseo is fulfilling an important part of that commitment. We’ll provide Chinese customers with a reliable and domestically available protein supply that meets their specific needs; produced in China for China.”
FeedKind® responds to a growing need for a sustainable source of protein to meet the demands of a rapidly increasing world population, while at the same time addressing increased concerns about biodiversity conservation.
The production of FeedKind® requires very little water and farmland, as it is derived from the fermentation of natural gas, an abundant energy source that creates a safe, nutritious, traceable and inexpensive protein. Produced through a natural fermentation process, FeedKind® is a competitive protein as it is derived from existing protein sources. In addition, it is produced to the highest quality standards.
FeedKind® will help to reduce the pressure on wild fisheries and meet the expected growth in aquaculture products.

Sustainability Development Through Acquisition

As part of its strategic vision focused on sustainable development, Adisseo has completed the acquisition of Nor-Feed in early 2023, following the signing of an agreement at the end of 2022.

The Nor-Feed concept was born with the vision that synthetic growth promoters used in animal nutrition would be challenged in the future for environmental and safety reasons, and that natural and efficient alternatives would have to be offered to breeders and nutritionists. With its expertise in the active compounds of plants, Nor-Feed develops and manufactures botanicals that replace xenobiotics (coccidiostats, insecticides, or antibiotics used as growth promoters) and lower the overall carbon footprint of livestock production, as documented by the series of Life Cycle Assessments conducted on the company portfolio in 2023.

This initiative is part of the Group’s drive to become a world leader in specialty feed ingredients, with a focus on external growth. The Nor-Feed project is of particular importance, highlighting preventive nutritional strategies, promoting the use of botanical extracts from agricultural co-products for animal health and nutrition.

This acquisition represents not only a strategic opportunity to strengthen Adisseo’s position on the global market, but also a commitment to sustainable and responsible practices in the animal nutrition sector. By embracing the values of sustainable development, Adisseo and Nor-Feed will work together to meet future challenges while making a positive contribution to the evolution of the industry.

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