Sustainable growth

Adisseo’s ambition is to be a profitable and growing company that operates sustainably. To this end, research and innovation are essential to set the company apart and offer its clients innovative and sustainable solutions to help them grow.

Sustainable Growth Policy

As Animal Nutrition Expert, Adisseo plays a key role in improving quality and efficiency in animal protein production. Our mission is to contribute to improving animal production performance in order to allow for a nutrition that will be cost efficient, healthier and more balanced for the benefit of animals, consumers and environment.

We operate in a dynamic market where growth is significant. Adisseo is proactively investing to meet this growing demand. Delivering an economic performance in line with its commitments is a permanent priority for Adisseo, which relies on the quality of its economic results to build a climate of confidence with shareholders, free up investment capacity and develop redistribution policies.

This attention to economic results encourages the company to seize market opportunities and cost reductions when they do not undermine any of its medium-term objectives with its various stakeholders and do not imply any compromise on safety. Our growth is fostered by an ongoing research and innovation policy which is implemented in our range of products and services, in our production processes, as well as in our working and organizational methods.

To meet the expectations of our customers and to provide solutions for new markets, we rely on multiple contractual relationships we have established with various industrial and academic partners, suppliers, distributors and customers, as well as external acquisitions.

All these efforts are aimed at guaranteeing Adisseo a sustainable growth method that harmoniously balances human development, economic development and the preservation of our planet’s resources.


Investing in health, safety and environment (HSE)

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) investments aim to achieve an ambitious objective in the areas of health, safety and wellbeing
at work, process safety and environmental protection.

Operating expenses include the ever-increasing number of regulatory constraints such as additional studies, increased taxes, and the reduction of
authorised discharge thresholds, and represent more than € 24 m.

They are controlled thanks to a proactive policy of continuous improvement and supported by more than €40m invested per year in recent years.
Each industrial project is carried out by integrating the company’s sustainable economic, social and environmental performance.

In 2021 Adisseo introduced an internal carbon price as a new criterion for deciding on the company’s investments. There can be no sustainable performance as long as there are accidents within the company or if its activities generate damage or cause harm to its environment.

3.5 millions of € for JAVA

to eliminate the use of hazardous products

Did you know

Consumption Index

6 kg

 of feed to produce 1kg of beef

2,7 kg
of feed to produce 1kg of pork

1,6 kg
of feed to produce 1kg of chicken

1 kg

 of feed to produce 1 kg of fish

Adisseo’s commitment to sustainable growth in actions

Pursuing an increasingly responsible purchasing policy

Based on the ISO20400 standard, Adisseo’s Purchasing Department has defi ned 4 pillars to support its responsible purchasing strategy:

  • A shared responsible purchasing charter
  • Supplier selection with risk analysis
  • An evaluation of suppliers on a complete set of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) criteria
  • Systematic training of all its buyer

In 2021 Adisseo revised its Responsible Purchasing Charter, detailing its commitments and requirements
in all areas: health and safety at work, environmental protection, labour practices and human rights and business ethics.

The objective is clear. 100% of Adisseo’s suppliers must confirm and if nesessary, demonstrate their alignment and commitment to the principles set out in the Responsible Purchansing Charter.

The document is now referenced in all the company’s orders and integrated into each new contract.

A CSR risk map has enabled Adisseo to prioritise three key areas : transport of hazardous materials, sustainable packaging and control of subcontracting levels.

Getting recognition for the proper implementation of the ISO 20400 guidelines is the next step planned
for 2022 under the responsibility of the newly created “Responsible Purchasing” committee.

Taking societal and environmental issues into account in the purchasing process strengthens the company’s relationship with its suppliers and subcontractors in the long term.

Investing Industrally and Sustainably

Despite the pandemic, Adisseo was able to maintain its industrial investment plan, enabling it to develop its production capacities at all its sites. In Europe, the Pyrénées project, worth more than € 24 m, has been initiated and will increase the production of an intermediate in the methionine chain at the Saint Clair du Rhône plant (France) and the production of liquid methionine using this intermediate at the Burgos plant (Spain).

In China, the construction of a new 180 kt liquid methionine production unit is nearing completion and the start-up of the new fully integrated platform is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. Each industrial project is used to improve safety, environmental protection, the performance and reliability of our facilities and the quality of the product manufactured, by implementing the best available techniques and optimising processes.

Particular attention is paid, for example, to the use of energy resources. In addition to the use of energy-efficient motors, the recovery of energy from our processes is maximised. The construction of a 30 MW turbo-alternator to produce more than 31,000 kilowatts per hour of electricity from excess steam was
integrated into the BANC2 project.

Building the future of animal nutrition

Adisseo has always had a long-term commitment to research and innovation in the field of animal nutrition.

Adisseo has therefore decided to launch an annual research grant of €1m in order to encourage international laboratories to collaborate on some of the main challenges facing the animal feed industry, including sustainability, the ban on antibiotics, new raw materials, etc.

To award this grant, Adisseo relies on an international and independent scientific committee comprising 5 members from the academic world and 10 representatives from the feed industry. In 2021, 80 propositions were received, 32 applications were selected, and 7 projects went to the fi nal stage with a full evaluation. The committee selected the fi rst two winners of this research grant.

The two projects announced on 9 November 2021 during a World Poultry Conference webinar are:
• “How to feed broilers during coccidial infection through the functional role of amino acids” presented by Prof. Ilias KYRIAZAKIS (AFBI, Northern Ireland, UK) and Prof. Oluyinka OLUKOSI (University of Georgia, USA).
• “Understanding the contribution of the gut microbiota to general immunity and antiviral defences in chickens” presented by Dr Rodrigo GUABIRABA (INRAe), Prof. Bernd KASPERS (LMU in Germany) and Prof. Lonneke VERVELDE (UEDIN/Roslin, UK).

Sustainable development news


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