Cost-effective blend of organic acids for aquaculture

Syngergy at work to stop bad bugs!

Bacterial pathogens are an increasing risk for the sustainability and profitability of aquaculture. Bacti-Nil® Aqua is a cost-effective blend of organic acids to reduce the impact of bacterial pathogens on productivity of fish and shrimp. Thanks to its selective action against pathogens and synergies with probiotics, it promotes a healthy gut microbioma resulting in a better performance.

Bacti-Nil® Aqua benefits

  • Synergistic blend of organic acids
  • Reduced mortality caused by bacterial pathogens
  • Reduced the impact from stress conditions on performance
  • Improved growth performance and productivity

More information

Tailored to the digestive physiology of aqua

Bacti-Nil® Aqua has been designed to be effective under the specific conditions of the digestive system of aquatic organisms, supporting fish and shrimp against disease challenges involving bacterial pathogens.


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