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From Human resources to human richness

Human Resources ambition is to make Adisseo a first-in-class organization where employees' comptencies are aligned with the business needs and their aspirations are met.

To succeed our main missions are support Business, spread culture, attract and develop talents and foster sustainability.

Value and behaviors

Values and behaviors are the foundation of Adisseo's Human Richness.

They allow 2185 employees to live together in an optimal working environment that puts people at the center of its priorities.

Adisseo's main mission, namely, to feed the planet in a high quality, affordable, safe and sustainable way, can be fulfilled.

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In their own words:

Aurélie MOAL

Aurélie MOAL, Global Marketing Manager Health by Nutrition:

I joined Adisseo in August 2018 as Global Marketing Manager in the “Health by Nutrition” team. My job  is to support the promotion by our business teams of our product range “Health by Nutrition”, namely anti-oxidants, probiotics, fatty acids and phytogenic. In facts, it means to design and implement marketing actions plans, products positioning guidelines, sales and communication tools to highlight our scientific work and also to boost the visibility of our products and solutions in the animal nutrition market. As my position is global, I must work by taking in account specificities of the local markets worldwide. Protein requirement increase for feeding a growing population.  Adisseo’s mission is to meet this need with the right balance between animal performances, animal welfare and respect of the environment.I am proud to contribute every day at my level to tackle the challenge to feed the world by respecting the man, the animal and the planet.



Wojciech MOLENDA, Area Technical Advisor – Poland:

I know how to grind, mix and cook to prepare tasty meals for our animals so the food we eat is even better. My responsibilities are to design effective  installations for customers so they can easy and worry free use Adisseo  products. I am proud to be part of multinational and multicultural team. Together we create values for the customers by delivering customized solutions. Especially technologist position gives me possibility for innovation, creativity, because every feed plant is different and every customer has different needs. Here We have always new people, culture, changes, experience….


Guillaume MAZARD, Process Engineer  :

Hello, I am Guillaume and I joined ADISSEO in 2018. I work as a Process Engineer in the engineering department CINATECH located in Lyon, France. I design the equipment for the future production plants and work to improve our existing processes in term of capacity and reliability. I also provide technical support for industrial plants when the production team need it. I am proud of being part of ADISSEO as one of the company’s goals is to support the growth of the population in a sustainable way because the mission of Adisseo is to contribute for one of the main challenges of our time: feeding  the population without critically impacting the environment and the planet resources.