PNE is a service based on Near Infra Red spectroscopy (NIR) technology. NIR is a convenient tool to assess the characteristics of feed ingredients. Adisseo has developed original proprietary calibrations based on in vivo data. Our technology is adapted to all main dietary ingredients (grains and their by-products, oilseeds and their meal, and animal by-products). PNE can predict multiple characteristics impacting nutritional quality, such as crude protein, total and digestible amino acids, metabolizable energy for poultry, total and phytic phosphorus, and arabinoxylans.


PNE is available 24/7 thanks to its web platform. More than an  NIR web platform, PNE is the ideal decision-making tool for nutritionists, formulators, purchasers and quality control managers. It enables them to monitor the quality of raw materials over time, compare raw materials coming from different geographical origins, and evaluate suppliers.



  1. PNE allows real-time predictions of your raw materials: With PNE, easily access your raw material nutritional values. Upload your spectra and get your customized results in few seconds. PNE is the perfect tool to make timely decisions.

  2. PNE’s accuracy & strength through in vivo methods for precise values: PNE NIR predictions rely on Adisseo expertise in in vivo experimental measurements using in vivo reference methodologies. This guarantees a high level of accuracy of digestible amino acids and metabolizable energy predictions.

  3. PNE provides actionable data:

    • Accurate quality control and traceability: Aggregate and trend analyses – Follow your raw materials quality over the time, detect abnormal samples and make the right decisions.
    • Accurate raw material sourcing: Compare your raw materials origins and discriminate your suppliers thanks to PNE comparisons charts.
    • Benchmark your results: Benchmark your own PNE results against millions of PNE results. Compare your raw material values to the ones of other countries, and to the worldwide average.




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