Feed additive to enhance fish resistance against gill parasites

Reducing the impact from gill parasites

Parasites are normally present in fish populations and infestations are typical events in farming activities. While eradication is not a realistic option in most aquaculture systems, preventive and control measures are part of daily routines and essential for productivity optimization in any fish farming.

Apex® Branchia supports peripheral tissues such as skin and gills as well as secretions (mucus) by increasing innate immune responses like cornification and proteolytic activity. As well, systemic immune response activation increases general resistance to disease challenge.

The results are not only a better control of parasitic infestations but also better coping with opportunistic infections and reduced impact of parasitic disease in productivity.

Apex® Branchia benefits

  • Broad-spectrum antiparasitic action, focused in gills
  • Higher fish resistance to parasitic infestations
  • Reduced mortality caused by opportunistic infections
  • Improved performance and productivity

More information

Accurate research on antiparasitic effects

Adisseo, in collaboration with research institutes specialized in parasitic challenge systems, has developed in vivo testing procedures that allow us to monitor and evaluate antiparasitic effects of different ingredients and formulations. We run continuous improvement programs to optimize our functional additives for host-parasite combinations that are relevant to the aquaculture industry.

In close collaboration with producers, we help optimizing the application of the functional additive strategies under real conditions at the farm.

The graph below shows the effect of Apex® Branchia on the count of monogenean parasites (Sparicotyle crisophrii) stages in Mediterranean seabream (Sparus aurata) following a cohabitation challenge for 30 days.


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