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The boom in technology, scientific advances, and the digital world, combined with accelerated product lifes cycles, are transforming work methods and reconfiguring the animal feed market, which must stay in step with our lifetstyles and consumer habits.

We need to innovate, to respond to our customers lifestyles and consumption patterns.

Our vision ” together we deliver customer driven innovation by impulsing and driving science and technology, to feed sustainably our future

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Research & Innovation By Jean-François ROUS, EVP Research & Innovation

"After more than 18 years of success based on a very robust liquid methionine technology, backed up by some very specific high value solutions (protected methionine, feed enzymes, vitamin A formulation,selenium-based methionine, …), Adisseo is now entering in a very rapid changing environment where adaption and speed are critical to pursue the success story. Ways of doing research and innovation are changing. High thruput screening, digitalization, process intensification, key enabling technologies, (…) these are the drivers of our capabilities to deliver more and more sustainable solutions thanks to highly adaptable teams across the different domains”

Research & Innovation by R&I team

“The R&I department is a set of research activities, which must provide solutions to the SBU's business, on the short, medium and long term, so that Adisseo remains competitive for the future. This involves strategic, technological, process, service or product innovation with the aim of meeting customer needs. R&I must accompany changes in behavior regarding sustainable development, which is essential to evolve, endure and renew.”




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The focus is on sustainable disruptive technologies, digitalization, data science, automation, modelling and predictive models, eco-design and life-cycle assesment and the essential ” partnership” network.

Adisseo has an incredible amount of knowledge at its disposal, and to contribute to its maintenance and development.

To maintain this knowledge, R&I department is the guarantor of the Adisseo Expert Program, a community of scientific and technical experts ! The aim is to provide knowledge transfer and mentoring, to support the business , to prepare the future by identifying potential experts and supporting their development, and to act as an ambassador of our brands to customers, authorities, potential partners ( suppliers, industrial partners, academic collaborators…) and applicants.

With an international organization, the Adisseo Research and Innovation department brings together the expertise in analytical, biotechnology, process chemistry,  process engineering, formulation process ( encapsulation), nutrition ( monogastrics, dairy & aqua) and experimental but also the Innov’l@b and Applied Nutrition & Feed technology department which are key tools for accelerating innovation

The analytical expertise supports Adisseo’s growth and ambition by delivering analytical activities research supporting on-site and company-wide manufacturing, Business Units and customers, and also Adisseo’s Research & Innovation projects

Ensures a competitive watch and participates in the defense of patents and studies for new approvals and develops new bioprocesses to produce additives for animal nutrition.

Develop new process including new technologies to decarbonize , to minimize energy consumption. Develop bio-based processes as alternative to our current processes, affordable products with a positive sustainable development impact to tackle animal nutrition stakes ( low diet protein, health by nutrition, animal welfare…)

Ensures the development of expertise in processes, provides the necessary support to industrial plants, supervises the design stage and guarantees the execution process of industrial projects for Adisseo

Develops new formulation solutions to optimize the performance of active molecules ( amino-acids, enzymes, vitamins…)

Through internal capabilities and external partnerships integrate existing technologies and develop new ones up to pilot scale.

Ensure scientific excellence by integrating all our domains of expertise, in order to optimize our recommendations of nutritional products improving productivity, sustainable development, resilience and animal welfare. Develop innovation, ensure scientific excellence to support innovation projects, providesscientific support to products, their processes and services.

Research station for monogastrics: Manages external and internal experimental studies from their definition to their valorization. Develop our experimental approaches and skills, in line with the “New ways of thinking about experimentation” charter, especially in terms of digitalization and animal welfare.

Research station for aquaculture: Aims to provide the highest quality research to support Adisseo’s animal nutrition solutions and customer-driven innovations for cultured aquatic species. Today’s environmental, economic and demographic challenges demand better farming practices, better nutrition and improved feed technology to produce safe and sustainable crops year after year..

Dedicated to support the business, the department offers a range of services to accompany the sales development and retention of our portfolio. Its objective, continue to describe and predict raw material; imagine optimized ways of bringing nutrients and additives to the animals (new formulations or application system) to be pro active in improving value for the customers and develop digital tools to better anticipate and support the future of animal production.

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Innovation accelerators

The mission of this structure is to research, select and develop innovative and disruptive solutions in line with the needs, evolutions and challenges of our customers and the animal feed market.


Adisseo is committed to helping the feed industry to find scientific and technical solutions to current field challenges by offering 1M€ over the next three years to support two to three collaborative research projects to address those feed industry challenges.