Mission of Innov’Lab

We identify promising areas of innovation growth in very attractive markets with extremely high growth rates through Innov'Lab in our growth drivers such as additives, animal nutrition, smart materials, and animal health and care, and we are leveraging them to achieve our ambitious goals and be an innovation leader. As a result, our missions are to develop an organization, systems, and processes that will allow us to completely integrate into the world's most important innovation ecosystems, as well as to be sought after to develop innovative disruptive technologies and select the ones to support.

What we deliver

Our ability to innovate is a fundamental driver of positive corporate growth. We are devoted to a fair balance of the value we create between our customers, employees, and shareholders as we contribute to the planet's sustainable growth and supply innovative solutions to the feed and food business. Close partnerships with existing customers and strengthening these links outside of our typical value chains are critical to Adisseo's research and development initiatives. The Innov'Lab team is important in locating these "unusual" collaborators. As a result of these agreements, open innovation opportunities are created through cross-sectoral technological competence, which promotes collaboration opportunities, particularly with innovation partners who do not yet have direct client contacts with Adisseo.

What InnovL@b can offer to develop startups

Adisseo is a strong chemical and biotechnology firm that can assist startups in the creation of new products and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and techniques due to our connections with varied expertise inside our research centers. In addition to supplying capital. Innov'lab provides start-ups with access to the resources of one of the world's leading specialty additives companies by combining a diverse portfolio of products, technologies focused on feed, animal health, and comfort, and a well-versed team of specialists in an open innovation environment to promote meaningful connections and accelerate the development of promising businesses.


Feed alternative protein to replace non sustainable or less sustainable sources as fish meal, soybean, canola, and sunflower.

Also, to support the growth of Animal proteins production for the coming years which has an impact on deforestation, land availability, water scarcity and events from climate changes on crop’s yield.

Currently several “technologies” and solutions are investigated as the use of biomass inedible for human, fermentation, microalgae, or natural resources.  

We want to lower the carbon footprint of our existing plants without increasing costs and to deliver new science-based, sustainable, and scalable solutions that address global megatrends and the Sustainable Development Goals, from product development and manufacturing. Adisseo strong commitments is to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2050. Those priorities include to investigate in:  

  • Lower energy consumption technologies for waste and effluent reduction, technologies to save energy or to generate efficiently energy on-site,  
  • Less pollutant generation technologies 
  • Technologies that would help deleting unavoidable CO2 by turning CO2 emitted into energy, intermediates, raw materials for our production processes, single cell protein or added value molecules for feed or food industries and  
  • Alternative intermediates to produce more sustainably existing products and solutions regarding scopes 1, 2 and 3 (including H2, CH4, NH3 on-site production technologies). 

CO2 capture technologies are out of Innov’L@b scope. 

The challenges in animal production drive the need for a combination among precision livestock farming (PLF), animal health and welfare, and animal nutrition. The use of real-time data is being solidified in the livestock industry to replace systems that no longer keep up with the speed at which digital solutions are technologically evolving.

State-of-the-art computational techniques are assuming an important position with relation to the structure of predictive tools considering feeding models, health monitoring systems, and data-driven production management.

The comprehensive set of information formed by large volumes of data generated from PLF technologies takes the analysis of the real-time behavior of animals to an unprecedented level.

Adisseo is interested in interacting with startups to consolidate data from different sources into a single application; to monitor live production; to establish internal and/or external benchmarks; to predict performance KPIs; to optimize and/or plan the production process; and to reduce cost and inefficiencies, increasing profits.   

Our objectives are the scouting of new technologies and startups that are in line with our short and medium-term business strategies and the identification of tomorrow’s emerging technologies that could create new business for Adisseo.

We are interested in new natural and competitively priced additives and ingredients to replace synthetic products available on the market.

Also, in new technologies to produce existing products in less costly and more sustainable way and new disruptive products that could be applied as feed additives.

On the other hand, we are not targeting pharmaceutical products (such as vaccines, drugs), standard raw materials and commodities.  

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To differentiate the vitamin quality of products:
1️⃣ Fill the beaker with water at 176 °F / 80 °C
2️⃣ Put equal amounts of vitamin A from different brands into the water
3️⃣ Stir the water and mix them for 10s
4️⃣ Wait for the water to settle

[Did you know❓] Rhodimet® AT88 provides 880g of #methionine in the formula per 1kg of product, as well as significant savings and practical benefits for millers and integrators.
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In order for our 2,500 employees to live together in an optimal work environment, we place human #values and #behavior at the heart of our priorities 🤝
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[Did you know❓] Nearly 1️⃣ billion people in the world suffer from #hunger and #malnutrition...
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