Climate change is one of the major challenges facing society and one on which we must act as quickly as possible. This global challenge is at the heart of Adisseo’s concerns. Since 2021, Adisseo committed to contribute to the collective goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

In line with Adisseo vision and mission, we are engaged in innovation to provide sustainable solutions, including products, services and technologies contributing to the reduction of the environmental footprint of livestock production.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

In 2022, Adisseo revised its short-term environmental objectives, namely:

  • A 21% reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions in absolute terms between 2020 and 2025. This target is aligned with the 1.5°C SBT (Science Based Targets) trajectory and the Paris Agreement.
  • A 13% reduction in its absolute energy consumption between 2020 and 2025 including business growth.

In 2023, Adisseo finalized a process with Carbone 4 (a leading French sustainable development consultancy) to establish its carbon reduction roadmap to 2050. This work consisted first of all of a critical review of the measurement of the company’s carbon footprint on all its perimeters. It confirmed Adisseo’s initial estimates and refined them by looking in greater depth at regional data according to the countries where the company’s activities are located.

This approach has already enabled Adisseo to verify that its short-term objectives for greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption were relevant, in particular with a strong focus on methionine production which represents around 90% of its GHG emissions.

In 2023, the total scope 1 emissions were 398,864 tons CO2e, same level as in 2022 despite a production volume increase. We are maintaining the cap with high expectations for the coming years.

In 2023, Adisseo’s scope 2 emission were 29,559 tons CO2e, an increase about 11,000 tons CO2e compared to 2022, due to the level of production and disruptive production in Roussillon plant.


Supply of electricity 55% of the company's electricity purchases

are of renewable or decarbonated origin

Did you know

The earth is


warmer than it was at the start of the industrial revolution.
On the current path of CO2 emissions, the global temperature is expected to increase
by 3 to 5°C by the end of century.




Adisseo’s commitment to environment in actions


In line with other environmental domains, Adisseo is committed to constantly reduce its wastes linked to its activities.

Our first area for improvement is the source reduction of waste by eliminating or reducing the volume of waste from our activities. Recycling is our second effective method in industrial waste management. As a last resort, waste treatment is used, it’s the least preferred for waste prevention. In this case, we must use the most appropriated disposal methods for each type of waste and minimize the amount of waste going to landfill and at the same time promote the recovery of waste with energy generation.

Two types of wastes represent more than 65% of the total waste amount:

  • The first type relates to the incineration of a purge of crystallization mother liquors in order to not accumulate impurities in the powder methionine production process.
  • The second type concerns the recovery of wastewater treatment plant sludge by spreading. Since the start-up of a new wastewater treatment plant in the associated site at the end of 2021, the volume of sludge produced has been reduced by two-thirds and meets all quality requirements for land application.

Favouring renewable energies

The issue of sustainable development and energy transition is central to energy purchasing. Favouring renewable energy supplies is the strategy favored by Adisseo, acting in three ways:

  • By pursuing its policy of purchasing energy of renewable or at least decarbonized origin (nuclear origin in particular), as is already the case at major production sites such as Burgos (Spain) or Nanjing (China).
  • By encouraging the use of biomass steam, as is the case at the Commentry site (France).
  • By benefitting from steam suppliers’ decarbonization projects, such as the OSIRIS Economic Interest Group at the Roussillon chemical platform (France).

2023: A year of production disruptions

2023 has been a difficult year for Adisseo business, explained by a raw material and energy market still at high cost; combined with a feed market in a slight decrease. Consequently, Adisseo production plants have faced production disruptions to adapt to the market demand. This situation has led to a decrease in energy efficiency due to a lower factor load of the plant as well as multiple “stop and go”.

The energy consumption KPIs degradation in the last 2 years is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • the startup of a new Chinese production plant which is not yet optimized in terms of energy consumption.
  • the above-described production disruptions.


Water & Effluents

Adisseo has set a target of reducing its water consumption intensity (quantity of water used per ton of product manufactured) by 20% by 2025, compared to 2015.

The intensity of water consumption has deteriorated in 2022 due to a long-term technical shutdown of the most modern and most efficient site in this area. The objective for 2023 which was to come back to our reduction trajectory has been achieved.

Most of the water withdrawn is used for cooling purposes and is returned directly to the natural environment.

This is particularly the case at the Saint Clair du Rhône site (France) where the historical configuration of the network leads to a high consumption of groundwater, the level of which remains stable because it is recharged by the nearby Rhône River.

No significant water-stresses area has been identified according to the location, the environmental context, and activities of our sites, only some water areas have been placed under surveillance.

Specific monitoring of underground water area from which water is withdraw, are performed to ensure no impact on quality and water level, especially if the area is affected by water stress.

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