Adisseo constantly aims to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. To this end the company has rallied together to reach the public environmental objectives it set in 2018, while contributing to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental Policy

Our ambition is to reduce the environmental impact of animal protein production in all areas (eco-systems, climate change, biodiversity, depletion of resources, pollution). All of our innovation and development projects follow our sustainability principles:
• To integrate environmental considerations as of product inception and throughout its lifecycle,
• To reduce the environmental impact of our existing entities.

It leans on the six following drivers:
• Reduce our impact on the environment in terms of climate change, air pollution, water pollution by limiting our emissions and protect our neighborhood from any nuisances
• Optimize our natural resources consumption: water, energy
• Reduce our own quantity of produced waste by supporting products reusing and waste’s recycling
• From unit design and during all the cycle life of our products, consider process, products risks and environmental impacts in order to guarantee the lowest effects on the environment
• Prepare the organization for potential emergency situations management
• Minimize risk by investigation of near-misses and incidents

ADISSEO continues its commitment to the climate

In 2018 Adisseo committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity (per ton of product manufactured) by 20% by 2025 compared to 2015.

From 2021 Adisseo will take another step forward. It has chosen, as an additional objective, a path to reduce its absolute GHG emissions by 2.5% per year, thereby strengthening its contribution to limiting global warming by complying with the Paris climate agreement.

The scope covers all direct emissions related to its current industrial activities (scope 1) and indirect emissions related to its energy purchases (scope 2).

This ambition is based on projects to develop and optimize its processes, improve energy efficiency and the possibility of purchasing renewable or decarbonated energy, particularly in China with a nuclear power supply for the Nanjing site.

-11,500 tons of indirect GHG emissions saved in 2020.

Supply of electricity from renewable sources to the Burgos site since January 1st, 2020.

Did you know

The earth is


warmer than it was at the start of the industrial revolution.
On the current path of CO2 emissions, the global temperature is expected to increase
by 3 to 5°C by the end of century.




Adisseo’s commitment to environment in actions

O’disseo becomes reality

The construction of the new “O’disseo” wastewater treatment plant on the Commentry site (France) is being finalized for start-up in the first quarter of 2021.

Using the latest technologies, this investment of nearly EUR 20 million will help meet new environmental standards and future needs. It also aims to reduce olfactory emissions.

Veolia, the water treatment specialist, is in charge of its operation.

Investments to improve the operation of wastewater treatment plants at the Burgos (Spain) and Nanjing (China) sites were also made in 2020.

Produce more while consuming less

Saving energy reduces your environmental footprint and saves money. Adisseo is aiming for a 20% reduction in its energy consumption intensity (amount of energy used per ton of product manufactured) between 2015 and 2025.
The results obtained since 2015 are very encouraging and our efforts will continue.

In 2020, -17.2% since 2015

In this context, the Sunflower Project initiated in January 2020 by the French Industrial Division aims to reduce the energy bill by 10% by the end of 2022, i.e. a reduction of more than 3 million euros.
The project is built around 3 axes: operational rigor to avoid losses, technical and economic studies aimed at improving the energy efficiency of our processes, optimization of purchasing contracts and the search for subsidies.
Results are already observable, relating to reductions in natural gas consumption and energy recovery investments.
In addition, the Burgos site (Spain) has embarked on an ISO 50001 (Energy Management) certification process, followed by other energy-consuming sites such as Commentry (France) and Nanjing (China).
This project is part of the company’s competitiveness drive to which all Adisseo entities contribute.

More sustainable packaging

Adisseo seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of its internal activities but also during the use of its products by its customers from a life cycle perspective.
Ensuring more recyclable packaging and developing the use of recycled materials for their manufacture is part of our initiatives in this area.
In 2020, several actions have been carried out in this context, such as the wider use of recycled wood pallets or cardboard protection systems made from recycled paper.
Evolving our packaging to ensure the best protection for our products by making them more durable is essential in our customer satisfaction strategy.

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