New scientific study demonstrates the efficacy of Bactinil® Aqua to reduce the severity of Francisellosis in Tilapia

Francisellosis is an endemic granulomatous bacterial disease caused by Francisella orientalis. In countries such as Brasil, Francisellosis is responsible for major losses in tilapia farming. […]

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Lifetime performance improves when feeding rumen-protected methionine

Extensive research over the last three decades shows that feeding supplemental, encapsulated methionine increases the lifetime performance of dairy cows with the benefits first seen […]

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New research demonstrates the benefits of lysophospholipid-based Aqualyso beyond emulsification in fish

Lysophospholipid (LPL) supplementation in aquafeed has historically aimed at improving fat emulsification. While the benefits of supplementation on growth performance and fat utilization in aquatic […]

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Methionine can lessen the negative effects of health disorders

METHIONINE is a functional amino acid, meaning that it regulates important biological functions other than just serving as a building block for proteins. For instance, […]

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Jean Marc DUBLANC, CEO of Adisseo received the 2022 friendship award

On Wednesday, April 19, Jean Marc DUBLANC was received at the Chinese Embassy

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Digestion and health enhancing additives to reduce the carbon footprint of shrimp production

The carbon footprint of aquaculture production is coming to the forefront of environmental considerations that preoccupy consumers. Life cycle assessment (LCA) has become the leading […]

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New study demonstrates the efficacy of Aqualyso® to optimize lipid metabolism and growth performance of large yellow croaker

Large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea) is an economically important marine fish with considerable production in southeast China. Aqualyso®, specifically developed for aquatic species, is a […]

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Technical workshop in India on feed cost reduction and fish health promotion

Adisseo, global leader in feed additive solutions, organized a workshop on this 23rd February 2023 at Bhimavaram for fish nutritionists and farmers. The aim of […]

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