Interests of using liquid additives for the feed mill

In terms of formula, liquid additives offer flexibility, with producers having a choice between two product types.

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AQUALYSO®, cost-efficient enhancement of performance for shrimp feeds

Cholesterol is a critical nutrient for shrimp, mostly supplied in the feed by fish meal (FM). The use of plant proteins such as soybean meal […]

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Adisseo elite sponsor of 13th AFAF

Press Release Singapore, 12 May 2022 The 13th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (13th AFAF) will be held in Taiwan as a virtual event from […]

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Pig Feedase approach Article

At the occasion of Digestive Physiology for pigs congress in Rotterdam, we are sharing an full 12 page article on pig feed digestibility, with a specific focus on anti-nutritional […]

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Adisseo & Entobel join forces on alternative insect protein development

Adisseo and Entobel have agreed to initiate a R&D collaboration to better understand and enhance insect rearing performance and the nutritional requirement of insects (BSF, Black Soldier Fly).

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Adisseo’s 2022 Research Grant Sharpens Focus on Sustainability Challenges Facing Animal Nutrition

March 2022   With animal agriculture tasked with both feeding a rapidly growing global population and sharply reducing the impact its operations have on the […]

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Lysophospholipid-based AQUALYSO® as a strategy to relieve cost pressure from oil and lecithin prices

Crude palm oil and soybean oil prices have about doubled in these last two years. These trends hurt aquafeed producers who rely heavily on lecithin […]

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Is there more inorganic selenium in Seleno-Yeasts than previously believed?

Article published in All About Feed | Volume 30, No. 2, 2022   For many years, the efficiency of organic selenium (Se) sources, and of […]

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