Applying the full matrix value of methionine sources is a key tool to optimize feed costs


Article published in Feed & Additives, in April 2024

Tahir Mahmood (Scientific and Technical Solution Developer, Adisseo)
Nicola Tallarico (Global Category Manager, Rhodimet AT88, Adisseo)



Highlights :

Applying the appropriate nutritional matrix for methionine sources will result in feed cost optimization, by optimizing complete feed Crude Protein & energy values (Metabolizable or Net energy). Due to its nutritional and molecular values and its relative cost, OH-Methionine is the best option while formulating optimal diets, especially when its validated matrix is completely applied.

The main matrix features of methionine sources in feed formulation are tackled :

  • Digestible methionine content

  • Energy value

  • Crude Protein value and equivalence


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