Adisseo Takes Research and Innovation to the Next Level


February 2024

New technologies have transformed every aspect of the feed additive industry, from how they are deployed to how they are manufactured, all the way to how they are developed. New tools or practices such as high-throughput screening and digitalisation are allowing companies which can properly harness them to deliver better and more sustainable solutions.


Of course, keeping up with the rapidly changing pace of technological change requires serious commitment. For Adisseo, this has meant a total transformation of its Research and Innovation (R&I) activities. While the company has long prided itself on its science-based solutions, it has recently taken research and innovation to another level.

As a result, compared with even ten years ago, its R&I team is significantly larger, has a wider geographic spread and a much broader research portfolio, and is more deeply networked with partners around the world.

Today, we are joined by Jean-François Rous, EVP Research & Innovation at Adisseo, to better understand the company’s big bet on innovation.

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