Vitamin E and Se: does 1+1 equal more than 2?

With the current global Vitamin E production issues, questions are raised to evaluate the possibility to achieve costs savings and optimize inclusion rate of Vitamin […]

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Shrimp nutrition: Organic selenium (hydroxy-selenomethionine)

By AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific: Revisiting shrimp nutrition: Organic selenium (hydroxy-selenomethionine) This is a small and rewarding investment to improve stress resistance and maintain high levels […]

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Improving shrimp growth with Selisseo®

Aquafeed – January 2017 A trial performed in India demonstrates that adding Selisseo®, hydroxy-selenomethionine, to the diet improves the growth of shrimps by more than […]

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Selenocysteine: The functional selenium

Commercial poultry production is associated with various stressors that can lead to a decrease of productive and reproductive performance in growing chickens, parent birds and […]

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A video related to Adisseo’s InnovSpace Award 2014

Adisseo has been one of three three-star Innov’Space award winners for Selisseo 2% Se.  Among the 166 dossiers that were submitted, 33 got 1 star, […]

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Adisseo launched Selisseo®, the innovative antioxidant and obtained an Innovation Award (InnovSpace *** 2014)

  Selisseo® is the best organic selenium product available on the market, which combines purity, reliability, stability, ease-of-use and 100 % efficiency. This seleno-hydroxy-methionine  is […]

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