INTERVIEW: Adisseo and Customers Working in Tandem to Gain More from Feed Enzymes

Source: Feedinfo News Service (dated 04/03/2015) 4 March 2015 – In March 2014, Adisseo launched its Rovabio Enzyme Clinic (also known as REC), a tailor-made training […]

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Rovabio® Excel is the first NSP enzyme approved by EU for sows

The European Union* has just granted Rovabio® Excel, the Non Starch Polysaccharide enzyme of Adisseo, the authorization for use in sows, from one week before […]

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Adisseo develops Rovapack services for the optimal utilisation of NSP enzymes in feed

Rovapack, is a unique offer of services for customers using Adisseo’s NSP (Non-Starch Polysaccharide) enzyme, ‘Rovabio®’. It provides information, tools and practical solutions to optimize […]

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Adisseo launches the Rovabio® Enzyme Clinic, a new tailor-made training in feed enzymes

Adisseo is launching the Rovabio® Enzyme Clinic, a unique tailor-made training session – a balanced mix of scientific lectures and practical exercises on how to […]

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Rovabio® is the only versatile enzyme package that optimizes the energy and amino acid digestibility of Soybean Meal.

Rovabio® contains 19 different enzyme activities that degrade a variety of non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs).  Through an extensive R&D program, Adisseo has demonstrated that the addition […]

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The economic value of Rovabio® is all the greater as raw materials are more expensive

NSP Enzymes are known to increase the digestibility of raw materials for monogastrics, such rapeseed meals, DDGS…, offering an alternative to soyabean meals when prices […]

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Improve health management of pigs by gaining homogeneity with a versatile enzyme

Recent trials confirm that the introduction of a versatile NSP (Non-Starch Polysaccharides) enzyme in pig diets, improves performance and homogeneity of animals from weaning to slaughter. […]

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Thanks to its Versatility, Rovabio® is Efficient in Various Broiler Strains

Broiler strains have different nutritional requirements depending on their specific growth performance. Because their genetic evolution might be different, Adisseo looked into the effectiveness of […]

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