Improve the milking robot experience

Gusti® Plus is very effective in attracting cows to the milking robot, according to Adisseo’s Palatability experts: ‘Cows really love this flavour.’ Gusti Plus® has been specially developed to provide a particularly attractive taste and aroma for dairy cows. This makes milking with a robot a lot easier.

Gusti Plus® is designed to improve the palatability of dairy feeds and to make them more acceptable to the animal, especially when they are milked by robotic milking machines. Since cows are naturally apprehensive, attractive feed is an important way to tempt them to come to the robot. That is why Gusti Plus® is increasingly popular amongst nutritionists to improve the flavour of their pelleted feeds for these cows. The unique flavouring agent results in more robot visits and a higher feed intake which contributes to the performance of high-yielding dairy cows.

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