Increased milk production, milk protein, and milkfat

The role of methionine in dairy production

Extensive research during the past four decades shows the production benefits of balancing amino acid levels and feeding a supplemental, encapsulated methionine, namely increased milk, milk protein, and milkfat. There are also benefits to health, reproduction, longevity and sustainability. For the dairy, precisely balancing amino acid levels in the ration allows nutritionists to economize the total protein level fed and maximize nitrogen use efficiency.

Adisseo has conducted research on methionine supplementation and amino acid balancing for over 30 years using its protected amino acid products Smartamine® M, MetaSmart® and Smartamine® ML. Highly reliable and unwavering results over these 30 years prove that amino acid balancing increases all performance parameters when the amino acid balancing guidelines are properly followed. Energy corrected milk (ECM) is increased by 1.7 kg per day.  Milk component yield is increased by 142 g per day (83 g of milk fat plus 59 g of protein). Milk fat percent is increased by 0.16% and milk protein is increased by 0.13%.

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