Amino acid balancing to defend producer profitability

When milk protein prices are low, it is normal to look to challenge costs and the inclusion of ingredients or feed additives that may or may not be helping the bottom line. Unlike a feed additive, the amino acid methionine is an essential nutrient and is critical to optimal production and metabolism. Cost-effectively balancing the amino acid (AA) levels in dairy rations optimizes production, health and reproduction. Beyond its well-known role as a building block for milk protein synthesis, methionine is essential for the synthesis of other important proteins and enzymes in the body that are necessary for the health, wellbeing and productivity of lactating dairy cows. Smartamine® M and MetaSmart® are proven sources of methionine to be used in formulating cost-effective dairy rations.

While the production benefits of AA balancing with Smartamine® M or MetaSmart® are well documented, the value of the indirect benefits is underappreciated. The benefits of AA balancing on health and reproduction is less obvious in the short term, but over time, proper AA balancing can decrease health problems and increase reproductive performance.

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