Reduce Feed Cost in Poultry

Reducing feed costs in poultry nutrition is critical to maintain profitability in the industry. Here are some effective strategies that can be employed:

Increase Overall Feed Digestibility with a Multi-Enzymatic Solution: Enhancing feed digestibility can significantly improve the use of feed by poultry. A multi-enzymatic solution can break down complex nutrients, making them more accessible for absorption and utilization.

Consider Full Matrix Value of Amino Acid (AA) Energy Values of Methionine Sources in the Formulation: When formulating feed, it is crucial to consider the full matrix value of AA energy values of methionine sources. This allows for a more accurate estimation of the feed’s nutritional value and can help reduce costs.

Save Power During the Pelleting Process: Power consumption during the pelleting process can add substantial costs to feed production. Achieving power savings at the pellet mill by using a liquid source of methionine can help lower these costs.

Use a Net Energy System: Using a net energy system can help better understand the nutritional characteristics of local and alternative raw materials available for the feed mill. This system takes into account the energy expended during digestion and metabolism of nutrients, giving a more accurate representation of the feed’s energy value.

Use Local and Alternative Raw Materials: Using local and alternative raw materials not only reduces costs but also enriches the diet in fibers, improving the substrate for enzymes. This can enhance the digestibility of the feed and improve animal performance.

Control Raw Material Variability: Raw material variability can have a significant impact on the nutritional value of the feed. A Near-InfraRed (NIR) nutritional prediction service that integrates in vivo built calibrations for important nutrients such as digestible amino acids energy and phosphorous is of great value. Our service provides real-time predictions of your raw material nutritional values to better control their variability.

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