The use of net energy as a more precise system to formulate poultry diet

With the use of Net Energy values in feed formulation, up to 30% energy can be saved in poultry diets. And calculation of these values can now be easily done with Nestor, a new tool developed by Adisseo. “There is simply nothing to lose, only to win”, according to poultry experts.

The global animal nutrition industry is moving rapidly towards precision feeding. And this is all about retrieving the most accurate nutritional values to better match the needs and better predict how animals react to the formulated diets. Having the most accurate data available is crucial in times with high raw materials prices and the increased use of by-products and alternative feed ingredients in poultry diets. Wasting or overfeeding nutrients only makes the feed costs rise. And energy is one of the most important parameters of the diet. In this article we explain the benefits of using Net Energy values over Metabolisable Energy values to better predict poultry performance and optimise broiler diets and production efficiency.

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