Reduce expensive disease outbreaks

We are committed to ensuring optimal poultry health through comprehensive, innovative nutritional solutions. Our goal is to reduce the occurrence and cost of disease outbreaks in poultry, which pose a significant challenge. We understand that the health of your poultry is paramount to your operation’s success:


Sustain Animal Resilience with Probiotic Solutions: To maintain their physiological status and ensure a resilient microbiome, we have designed a complete probiotic solution specifically for poultry. Our offer focuses on strengthening the gut barrier function and preserving gut integrity by improving nutrient absorption and maintaining a strong immune system. With our probiotic solution, you can ensure your poultry maintains a robust and resilient microbiome, capable of withstanding external threats.

Eliminating the Threat of Mycotoxins : The presence of mycotoxins in feed can decrease resistance to infectious diseases, reactivate chronic infections, and decrease vaccine efficacy. Our goal is to close the door on these harmful toxins. We have developed strategies to prevent mycotoxin contamination in feed, thus enhancing the overall health and resistance of your poultry.


Product names and availability may vary by region, please contact your local Adisseo representative for more information.


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