Improve Meat and Egg Quality in Poultry

Delivering optimum quality in poultry meat and eggs is not just about the taste, but also about the health benefits it provides to consumers. This involves a rich combination of selenium-enriched eggs, balanced dietary management, and a host of other nutritional components that enhance the quality of poultry products.

Selenium-Enriched Eggs: Selenium-enriched eggs play an important role in improving nutritional and technological properties. They not only enrich the egg’s nutritional value but also enhance technological properties such as freshness and eggshell quality.

Preserving Meat Quality: One major concern in poultry farming is preserving the quality of the meat. Selenium plays a key role in this as it slows down the oxidation process of meat, thereby increasing its shelf life. This not only preserves the taste but also maintains its nutritional value over time.

Reduction of Burned Feet: Another aspect that affects poultry farming is the issue of burned feet in birds. Through the careful management of dietary electrolyte balance, this problem can be significantly reduced, creating a healthier environment for the birds.

Salmonella and Campylobacter Reduction: The reduction of Salmonella and Campylobacter is critical in poultry farming. This can be achieved through the introduction of probiotics with a consistent action on gut health resilience.

In conclusion, the improvement of meat and egg quality in poultry is an all-encompassing process that starts from feeding the birds a balanced diet enriched with necessary elements, to the careful management of their health to fight against diseases. The result is not only healthier and better-quality poultry products but also a more efficient and sustainable farming process.

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