Selenium enriched eggs

A balanced diet is of key importance for the promotion of human health. Among the essential nutrients, Selenium has been shown to be deficient in many countries throughout the world. A Selenium deficiency, in animals as well as in humans, is associated with a compromised immunity system and an increased susceptibility to various viral and bacterial diseases. The production of Se-enriched eggs is an effective approach to limit a Selenium deficiency in humans.


Selenium deposition in eggs

Selenium (Se) is an essential nutrient and antioxidant that participates in protective metabolic processes against lipid, protein and DNA oxidation.

The source and level of Se in laying hen diets has an impact on the Se content of eggs. When organic selenium is fed to laying hens, in the form of hydroxy-selenomethionine (100% OH-SeMet, Selisseo®), the level of Se in the eggs increases significantly.

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