Optimize feed cost by considering the full matrix value of Rhodimet AT88 in poultry feed formulation !

As average, feed costs account for about two-thirds of total animal farming costs, ratio that can vary in function of the animal species, of the region the feed mills are operating in, and particularly nowadays due to high variation of both availability and prices of feed raw materials. For these reasons, feed cost review (reformulation) has to be considered as one of the main process of livestock management.

In this scenario, nutritionists have two main options: reduce the cost of feed, mainly achievable through the modification of kind and quantity of raw materials used; or optimize the feed cost, by enhancing the nutritional properties of the raw materials and supplementing eventual deficient nutrients through the use of specific feed additives. Thus, optimizing feed formulas means to define the most cost-effective ration while matching specific targets, as for instance, the animal performances and/or improving the impact of feed production on environment.

Nutritionists have the complex mission to optimize efficiency of animal feed within a restricted feed cost acceptable range. Raw materials suppling energy and protein represent the main fractions in complete feeds. Good knowledge of their effective nutritional values as well as the use of any feed additive that can enhance and/or complete their nutritional values will result in an effective feed cost optimization. Moreover, despite some differences, this is true independently of their feed formulas are developed for integrated group or commercial feed mills.


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