New Product Launch: “AVANT AQUADIS®”


M/S. Sanjeev Agro-Vet launches “AVANT AQUADIS®”:  a 100% Safe, Biodegradable and Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant

M/S. Sanjeev Agro-Vet Private Limited, Hyderabad-based company belonging to the Avanti Group, launched a new disinfectant for the aquaculture market in India on 14th December 2021 during a special event at the Palm Beach Hotel, Visakhapatnam. The disinfectant, branded as AVANT AQUADIS®, has been developed through a technical collaboration with Adisseo SAS France, and is promoted as a 100% Safe, Biodegradable and Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant for use in aquaculture.

The event was attended by over 300 sales and technical staff members from Avanti. Adisseo’s aquaculture team was represented by Mr. Dhanunjaya Goud, Adisseo’s Regional Manager Aquaculture for Indian Subcontinent, who furthermore counted with the online participation of Dr. Peter Coutteau (Adisseo’s Global BU Director Aquaculture), Dr. Maria Merce Isern Subich (Global Product Manager Aquaculture Health), Mr. Martin Guerin (Regional Technical Manager -APAC/ISC) and Mrs. Martha Mamora (Aqua Farm Application Manager- APAC/ISC).


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