Mission of Innov’L@b

Innov’l@b aims to transform disruptive and promising technologies into industry-changing solutions that can significantly impact the animal protein production chain. ​

To achieve the objectives set forth, Innov’l@b makes use of a well-structured methodology to scout start-ups, one that connects Adisseo’s portfolio of products with state-of-the-art technologies available in leading innovation ecosystems worldwide.  ​

In addition to new potential products to bolster the existing portfolio, Innov’l@b works to incorporate and internalize innovative go-to-market strategies, business models, tech-driven methods to speed up business operations, and digital solutions that allow for an accurate assessment of metrics that can demonstrate the efficacy of Adisseo’s nutritional solutions.


What we deliver

Our ability to innovate is a fundamental driver of positive corporate growth.​

In consonance with the concept of open innovation, Innov’l@b tackles internal issues via external solutions. ​

Technical knowledge together with cutting-edge scientific methods and techniques forms an overarching strategy that can be developed internally by a company, regardless of its size, influence, or financial resources, especially concerning innovation-driven research and disruptive digital technologies, which evolve at higher speeds. ​

Innov’l@b is a vehicle through which the Strategic Business Units, Research & Innovation departments, and regional headquarters can access to disruptive technologies and methods in order to improve the operating income and/or circumvent technological challenges.



Adisseo is a solid chemical and biotechnology firm, and thanks to its diverse areas of expertise coming from the research centers it relies on, it can assist start-ups looking to create new products and adopt cutting-edge technologies and techniques.  ​

Innov’l@b provides start-ups with a unique opportunity to connect to and explore the world of animal nutrition alongside Adisseo. By means of collaborative projects and open innovation efforts, Adisseo charts the way to innovation in the field of nutritional additives, digital technologies, and sustainable animal protein production.    ​

Through start-up scouting, Innov’l@b interacts directly with start-ups by means of collaborations, direct investments, or fund investing.

These collaborative efforts aim to internalize external technologies and methodologies which can be used in Adisseo’s operations.


We work to develop alternative proteins used in feed to replace unsustainable or less sustainable sources such as fish meal, soybean, canola, and sunflower.​

Also, we play a role in improving animal protein production in the coming years so as to impact deforestation, land availability, water scarcity and climate change events affecting crop yield.​

Several “technologies” and solutions are currently being investigated, such as the use of inedible plant biomass, fermentation processes, microalgae, or optimized natural resources.

Sustainability has always been at the core of Adisseo business and is a key part of its purpose.

Adisseo strongly commits to contributing to carbon neutrality by 2050. We want to lower the carbon footprint of our existing plants without increasing costs and deliver new science-based, sustainable, and scalable solutions that address global megatrends and the Sustainable Development Goals, from product development to manufacturing.

For this reason, Innov’l@b is looking to invest in new technologies that are strategically relevant to Adisseo and its business lines. This can take on the form of investments in start-ups and scale-ups or innovative technology partnerships that address major bottlenecks in our value chain. ​

Main areas of focus:​

  • Lower energy consumption technologies,​
  • Less pollutant generation technologies,​
  • Technologies that would help offset unavoidable CO2 by turning CO2 emissions into energy or valuable products (raw materials or added value molecules for feed or food industries),​
  • Alternative intermediates to produce existing products more sustainably and solutions regarding scopes 1, 2 and 3 (including H2, CH4, NH3 on-site production technologies),​
  • Sustainable new products.

The challenges in animal production drive the need to reconcile precision livestock farming, animal health, and nutrition. The use of real-time data has been solidified in the livestock industry to replace systems that no longer keep up with the speed at which digital solutions are evolving. ​

State-of-the-art computational methods play a key role in the context of feeding models, health monitoring systems, and data-driven production management.

The comprehensive datasets generated from PLF technologies are taking real-time animal behavior analysis to unprecedented heights.

Adisseo is interested in collaborating with start-ups to consolidate data from different sources into a single application, to perform livestock monitoring, establish internal and/or external benchmarks, predict performance KPIs, to name a few.

We aim to scout new technologies and start-ups that are in line with our short and medium-term business strategies and to identify tomorrow’s emerging technologies that could create new business for Adisseo.​

We are interested in new disruptive products that could be applied as feed additives and new technologies to produce existing products in a more cost-effective and more sustainable way.​

Also, we want new, natural and competitively priced additives and ingredients to replace synthetic products available on the market.​

On the other hand, we are not targeting pharmaceutical products (such as vaccines, drugs, etc.), standard raw materials or commodities.

Because we know society and science are changing at breakneck speeds, Innov’l@b investigates the Key Enabling Technologies that can be applied to enhance the performance of Adisseo’s solutions portfolio, promote sustainability and reinforce business operations.

Competitive intelligence regarding innovation and start-ups means researching the latest industry trends, the latest technological innovations, tracking competitor activity, analyzing industry data to identify opportunities and threats, and monitoring progress in a given area. ​

It also involves analyzing the strategies of other successful companies and understanding their competitive advantages. It also covers research in the latest technologies used by startups and competitors, to gain understanding of how they can be applied to your own business. ​

Finally, it means researching the latest industry trends to identify potential opportunities for growth and competitiveness.