Technical workshop in India on feed cost reduction and fish health promotion


Adisseo, global leader in feed additive solutions, organized a workshop on this 23rd February 2023 at Bhimavaram for fish nutritionists and farmers. The aim of this meeting was to promote aqua specialty products especially Aqualyso STD and Bactinil Aqua in Fish feeds focusing on feed cost reduction and Fish health promotion, respectively.

In India, Fish culture is dominated by low values fish species like Pangasius sps, Roopchand (Fresh water Pomfret) and Indian Major Carps. Alongside increased raw material costs, disease occurrences in these culture systems has gone very high, and this has become a real bottleneck to the feed manufacturers and fish farmers. Therefore, extracting maximum nutrition out of same raw materials, then by protecting fish health against seasonal diseases with natural sustainable solutions is the key for the success of fish culture in the future.

Addressing these two issues, Mr. Martin Guerin, Adisseo’s Regional Technical Manager for APAC/ISC delivered a talk on the topic “Improving fish feed cost effectiveness through digestive and health enhancement”. Before this session, Mr. Dhanunjaya Goud – Regional Manager Aquaculture -ISC welcomed all the key guests and started with Adisseo corporate presentation.

Key customers from Uno Feeds, Ananda Feeds, Sneha, Rudra Techno Feeds, TBS Enterprises, Ram Aqua, and Royals Marine participated to this event.

The presentations were followed by a very interactive Q&A session on the presentation topics as well as other topics related to fish health and nutrition.

Following to this session, Mr. Martin Guerin and Mr. Goud Dhanunjaya participated to FISH INDIA-2023 – Scaling New Heights in Fish Farming at Taj Vivanta, Vijayawada.


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La team #QHSE d'Adisseo France recrute ! 📣
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