Supporting optimal duck performance


Article published in Poultry World, January 2019

By Dolores Batonon-Alavo and Yves Mercier​, Adisseo

New research studied the ways to improve duck productivity.

The study described in the article looked at the performance, feather growth and carcass traits of ducks fed diets supplemented with differet levels of DL-Methionine (DL-Met) and OH-Methionine (OH-Met).
The trial was performed on 630 Cherry Valley ducks reared between 1 and 42 days in China.
OH-Methionine was found as efficient as DL-Methionine in sustaining Cherry Valley duck growth performance on body, carcass, breast or feather weights.
In addition methionine efficacy determined as the extra methionine intake per extra weight gain shows similar values between DL-Met and OH-Met. The calculation of bio-efficacy on this criteria confirms that DL-Met and OH-Met have the same bioefficacy on body weight gain.

OH-Met is 100% efficient in sustaining Cherry Valley duck growth performance and feather development.

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