Improve performance of layers

Unlock the potential of your poultry with our multi-enzymatic solution. We focus on improving the overall feed digestibility by addressing the whole indigestible vegetable fraction of the feed. Our solution empowers our customers to reformulate the diet and enhance the digestibility of nutrients, leading to improved layer efficiency and egg quality:

Sustain Egg Production and Quality: As hens age, their egg quantity and quality deteriorate. To fight against oxidative stress, our solution features a pure form of organic Se, which consistently provides 100% Selenium. This helps sustain the antioxidant status of hens, enabling them to maintain their performance and continue producing high-quality eggs, even as they age.

Optimize Digestive Performance with Coated Sodium Butyrate: Good digestive health is critical for laying hens. Our range of butyrate-based products, including coated sodium butyrate, is designed to enhance the digestive performance, leading to less cracked eggs thanks to better shell quality.

Protect Layers from Mycotoxins: Mycotoxins are highly toxic secondary metabolic products of molds. Their presence can have a severe impact on animal health, causing loss of performance and oxidative stress. Our complete solutions are designed to protect animals from the adverse effects of mycotoxins. 


Product names and availability may vary by region, please contact your local Adisseo representative for more information.


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