Improve performance of broilers

Below we display key strategies that can enhance overall feed digestibility, sustain performance post AGP, optimize nutrient density, and maintain performance even under heat stress.

Improving Feed Digestibility: The key to better feed conversion ratio (FRC) and body weight gain in broiler lies in improving energy, amino acids, and phosphorus digestibility. This can be achieved by introducing enzymes into their diet, which have been proven to significantly enhance digestibility.

Sustaining Performance Post AGP: We strongly advocate for the reduction of antibiotic use in animal production for a more sustainable approach. To support this, it is crucial to increase animal resilience. This is where precision delivery coated butyrate comes in. It has been demonstrated to be effective in protecting animals by operating through three closely related defense lines: ensuring a resilient microbiome, strengthening barrier function, and preserving gut integrity. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining a reactive immune system.

Optimizing Nutrient Density: Nutrient density plays a vital role in broiler performance. An efficient way to optimize it is by adding an emulsifier to the feed. This is deemed to be more cost-effective than merely adding oil, and it aids in enhancing the nutrient density of the feed maximizing its energy value.

Maintaining Performance Under Heat Stress: Heat stress can have a profound impact on broiler performance, leading to an over-production of free radicals at the cellular level. However, with the right nutrition strategies, performance can be maintained even under stressful conditions.

The use of pure, organic Selenium, like OH-SeMet, secures the birds’ ability to effectively fight against heat stress.


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