Improve performance of breeders

The health and productivity of breeders can be significantly improved by focusing on a few key nutritional elements. The following content highlights the importance of Selenium and Vitamins A, the impact of oxidative stress, and methods to improve feed digestibility.

The Role of Selenium: Selenium plays an essential role in poultry nutrition, particularly in functions crucial to male fertility. Over time, oxidative stress and related damage can negatively impact hatching performance. Selenium tackles this by promoting the animal’s antioxidant status. Selenium is stored in the tissues, converting to an active form only when required by the animal.

Not all sources of Selenium are created equal. It’s essential to select a source of Selenium that is easily absorbed and utilized by the bird. Pure, organic selenium source such as OH-SeMet provides superior benefits in poultry.

Importance of Vitamins A: Vitamins A are key to optimal reproductive performance in birds. However, it is worth noting that not all Vitamin A supplements on the market are of the same quality. Certified vitamins are specifically catered to the nutritional needs of the animal feed industry. Safe sources of vitamins A have been proven to be effective in sustaining egg production in aged animals and protecting animals from mycotoxins.

Improving Overall Feed Digestibility: Improving feed digestibility is another essential aspect of improving breeder performance. By enhancing digestive performance, we can ensure that  poultry is getting the most from their feed, leading to healthier, more productive birds.

Achieving optimal performance in poultry breeders doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By focusing on key nutritional elements and choosing the right supplements, we can significantly improve the health and productivity of our birds.


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