Saving Energy with Liquid OH-Methionine when pelletizing


In the feed mill, pellet production is one of the most energy consuming step; therefore any potential area of optimization is beneficial to pursue.

Adisseo has conducted different studies to see the comparative effect of DL-Methionine in powder form and OH-Methionine in liquid form on the electricity consumption at this specific step of pellet production.
Trials were performed on the field and in a pilot plant (in Tecaliman, the French technical center for feed) between 2015 and 2020 and on more than 10 different diets.
Up to 13% electricity savings was obtained when pelleting feed with liquid OH-Methionine compared to feed with DL-Methionine, and for the same produced pellets quality.
This was not seen in all cases, but at least the pellet mill electricity consumptions for feed with OH-Methionine were equal to the ones for feed containing DL-Methionine or lower (reduction rates of 3, 5 ,7%, etc).

You can find extra information in the article published in Milling & Grain, April 2021 edition (pages 88-89).

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