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Fulfilling Total Sulfur Amino Acids requirement level ensures pig optimal growth performance​. All methionine sources are efficient in sustaining pig growth performance at each rearing phase.​

100% efficacy of OH-Methionine for weaned piglets

Two trials: one at IMASDE (Spain) and one at CERN (Center of Expertise and Research in Nutrition, Adisseo, France) tested the supplementation of OH-Methionine and DL-Methionine in weaning piglets: 28 to 69-70 day-old.
The first one in 720 piglets (crossbreed large white*landrace x pietrain*duroc) and the second one in 54 Pietrain x (Large white x Landrace) male piglets.
In both trials, the piglets were fed either a basal diet deficient in Total Sulfur Amino Acids or supplemented treatments with OH-Methionine or DL-Methionine, added on equimolar basis at TSAA requirement level.
In both cases, no impact of methionine sources on piglet performance was observed during the whole growing period or for the different feeding periods. Those trials confirm the 100% efficacy of OH-Methionine to sustain piglet growth performances.


100% efficacy of OH-Methionine for growing-finishing pigs

A trial recently published in Animals (Caio et al, 2022) works on the value of methionine sources to promote growth performance in tropical regions and see the effect of an increased supply of methionine.
In this objective, 200 PIC 337 x Camborough mixed-sex pigs were fed different experimental diets with two methionine sources (DL-Methionine and OH-Methionine) and two levels of Sulfur Amino acids (100% and 120% of pig requirement).
No differences in any zootechnical performance or carcass traits were registered as a function of the methionine sources at either dietary level, once again confirming the 100% efficacy of OH-Methionine vs DL-Methionine.
This evidence confirms that this is also the case for pigs reared in tropical regions.


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