Vitamins Quality

Quality of vitamins differs in the market

The fact is, the vitamin A products on today’s market are not uniform at all. The quality of some products is undesirable.

Ask yourself a question:

Do you think all VAs on the market will totally resist the aggressive conditions during pelleting and/or extrusion?

Check our video below!


Microvit® A1000 Magnetic Mixing:



Vitamins’ quality matters

Vitamins must be able to resist the aggressive processing condition (pelletization, mixing and more!) used by the feed industry and, of course, maintain their bioactivity. Therefore, quality is the essential feature of a good vitamin A on the market.

What’s the impact of bad quality?

If the product is not resistant under the thermal stress condition, animals that have this kind of vitamin A in the feed will not perform well because the actual intake of the vitamin is unpredictable and unreliable; deficiency of vitamin A will result in poor animal health, growth and production.


Vitamin quality is worth taking a closer look:

  • A systematic way of guaranteeing the quality of Microvit® vitamins, whether they are produced by Adisseo themselves or by one of their producer-partners.
  • A selective method which covers production, purchase, quality control and commercialization of Microvit® vitamins.
  • 12 selection criteria based on: Production and Distribution, Product Efficacy and Information and Services

For more information about Adisseo vitamin quality, please check our MCS page


Different products under microscope below:

Vitamine A versus competion

  • Microvit VA are highly-uniform free-flowing beadlets.

  • They are perfectly smooth spherical balls and are very unique under the microscope.

  • There are no other Vitamin A that looks like Microvit A Supra 1000.

Vitamin’s quality can be assessed 

In the past three years, Adisseo has conducted a series of Vitamin A quality studies which proves that Microvit® A/AD 3 provide excellent performance in every stage of the feed incorporation, from the product itself, to premix and pellet feed.

In fact, as demonstrated in the videos below, our customers can perform a very simple test by themselves to demonstrate the quality of different Vitamin A products.

You will clearly see that Microvit A Supra 1000 remains intact, without change, during the hot-water test, proving its stability under adverse conditions. A cloudy test means the coating has failed and the vitamin A is not stable.

See for yourself!


The comparable video demonstrating the superiority of Microvit A Supra 1000


Microvit® A1000 Manual Mixing:


To differentiate the products, here are the simple steps to perform the thermal stress test:

  1. Fill the beaker with the water at 176 ℉/ 80 ℃
  2. Put equal quantities of vitamin A of different brand into the water
  3. Stir the water and mix them for 10 seconds.
  4. Wait until the water calms and YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE SO EASILY!

So, if Vitamin A quality is also important subject for you, we are delighted to have more discussions with you, our valued customers.


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