Technological support for the use of Liquid Feed Preservation products

A comprehensive support program to help you Design, Implement and Monitor your customized equipment for the application of liquid Feed Preservation products, with complete confidence.

Our Feed Preservation range includes mold inhibitors (Mold-Nil®) and feed sanitation (Salmo-Nil®) products, which also come in liquid form.

Mold-Nil® is a unique blend of buffered organic acids created to preserve feed and raw materials, regardless of weather and storage conditions.

Salmo-Nil® is a blend of buffered organic acids specially designed to reduce feed contamination regardless of water, pelleting and storage conditions.

Dosing and mixing preservative products into feed, whether in powdered or liquid form, requires the right technology, specialized equipment and use of best practices.

The liquid form has proven to be an effective solution: it is easy to handle and delivers the expected level of end-product quality (absolute homogeneity).
Adisseo’s technology teams have put all of their expertise into developing complete technical solutions, from simple “Plug & Spray” equipment to full turnkey installations, in order to meet your requirements and guarantee your peace of mind.

These technical solutions come with a comprehensive service and support program to help you Design, Implement and Monitor your customized equipment.



Adisseo experts will visit your feed mill and recommend the best technical solution for your needs.



Adisseo experts will supervise the installation and activation of your equipment. Its performance can be then assessed by means of homogeneity (mixer profile) testing. Your production and maintenance teams will be trained on the equipment’s operation and maintenance, as well as on how to correctly handle the products to ensure the safety of people and the environment (product stewardship).



Adisseo experts will make sure your new equipment starts up promptly, check that it is working properly and train your team to safely and accurately operate it. In addition, Adisseo can offer you a tailored annual service program to confirm your equipment’s financial and quality performance and to manage its regular maintenance.


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