Different commercial protected butyrate products liberate butyrate in different parts of the digestive tract. This has an important impact on their functionality.

Adimix Precision is a precision delivery coated sodium butyrate developed for poultry and swine.
Thanks to its specific coating, Adimix Precision can deliver butyrate along the whole digestive tract from stomach to distal part of the intestine and therefore, has the potential to trigger beneficial butyrate-dependent effects throughout the entire digestive tract and to get the most out of butyrate.

The efficacy and performance of Adimix Precision has been confirmed in many trials and clearly shows its premium position in the market. Learn more about the details of these trials in this booklet.

Chapter 1. BROILERS

  1. Performance of broilers fed different butyrate products under standard and challenging conditions / Overview of 62 trials
  2. Improving performance under challenging broilers: Adimix Precision in comparison to an Antimicrobial Growth Promoter (AGP)
  3. Adimix Precision and Salmonella
  4. Adimix Precision and Campylobacter
  5. Evaluation of Adimix Precision in a broiler necrotic enteritis model
  6. Improving the performance of broilers fed lower digestible protein diets
  7. Improving performance in unchallenged broilers: Adimix Precision in starter feed

Chapter 2. LAYING HENS

  1. Performance of Adimix Precision on intestinal health and function
  2. The quality of eggs from laying hens fed with and without Adimix Precision
  3. Performance of layers under challenging conditions fed Adimix Precision

Chapter 3. PIGS

  1. Performance of pigs fed different butyrate products under standard and challenging conditions – overview of 52 trials
  2. Effect of different butyrate products on sow and piglet performance
  3. Effect of Adimix Precision, with or without AGPs, on improving performance of grower and finisher pigs
  4. The effect of Adimix Precision on Salmonella load in pigs and Salmonella risk on-farm
  5. Alleviating Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) with Adimix Precision