Multiple field studies validate the efficacy of sanacore®gm in reducing the severity of ehp and wfs


White Feces Syndrome (WFS) and EHP are the major concerns across shrimp farming regions in Southeast Asia, India, and China.

Functional nutrition via health promoting additives aims to reinforce preventive and corrective strategies and reduce the burden of EHP and Vibrio within the shrimp’s digestive tract. Sanacore® GM (Adisseo) is a phytobiotic-based functional additive that provides broad-spectrum health-promoting benefits combining inhibitory activities against bacteria and parasites, including vibrio species via quorum quenching and EHP via inhibition of spore germination.

This article summarizes multiple field trials conducted across Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and China over six years. These studies provide compelling evidence for the efficacy of Sanacore® GM as preventive and corrective strategy to battle EHP and WFS under varying farming conditions.

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