Efficacy of Aqualyso® to replace lecithin in shrimp feed


AQUALYSO® is a lyso-phospholipid based digestive enhancer that helps in the process of emulsification, digestion, and absorption in shrimp. Lyso-phospholipids are more hydrophilic than phospholipids and therefore have increased potential as emulsifiers than standard soy lecithin.

The present study provides evidence on the efficacy of AQUALYSO® as a strong emulsifying agent and as a replacement for lecithin in shrimp feeds.

The proposed replacement strategy, while reducing formulation cost due to the partial replacement of lecithin, enhanced growth performance of Pacific white shrimp.


From Yu-Hung Lin, Marleen Dehasque (Adisseo)

and Waldo G. Nuez-Ortiz (Adisseo)


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