New scientific study demonstrates the efficacy of Bactinil® Aqua to reduce the severity of Francisellosis in Tilapia


Francisellosis is an endemic granulomatous bacterial disease caused by Francisella orientalis. In countries such as Brasil, Francisellosis is responsible for major losses in tilapia farming. Today, no commercial vaccines are currently available, and the treatment is primarily based on antibiotic use.

Prevention via functional nutrition is important to reduce the severity of bacterial infections. BACTINIL®AQUA (Adisseo) is a health-promoting additive based on synergistic combinations of organic acids that deliver broad spectrum inhibitory activity against pathogenic bacteria. The additive also helps to reduce dependence on antibiotic use.

A new peer-review research led by the Laboratory of Fish Pathology at the State University of Londrina (Brasil), and in collaboration with Adisseo, has assessed the potential of BACTINIL®AQUA to reduce the impact of Francisellosis (Research in Veterinary Science 159, 214-224). The study shows that the additive significantly diminished the mortality and gut damage induced by infection. Such reduction can be attributed to the bacterial inhibitory effects of the additive that slow down pathogen proliferation and correct the dysbiosis caused by infection.

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