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5 hours ago
[ #Sustainability] Because we are a committed company, several activities have been organized around the world during the sustainable week πŸ™Œ #AnimalFeed #Nutrition #Industry
More on all these activities:
Adisseo photo
1 day ago
Adisseo delivers innovative products and services to the feed and food industry 🚚 #AnimalFeed #Nutrition Adisseo photo
2 days ago
[ #JoinUs] Several positions opened in πŸ“ #Europe for our #ruminant business πŸ„ Have a look to our website: #Job #AnimalFeed #Nutrition Adisseo photo
5 days ago
[ #Innovation] Did You Know ? Animals’ capacity to convert feed into live weight relies heavily on species and livestock management. #AnimalFeed #Nutrition Adisseo photo
1 week ago
[Inside Adisseo] With their legs and their hearts πŸ‘ŸπŸ’‘ a team of Adisseo employees is committed to a #solidarity #race in #Burgos πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Adisseo photo
1 week ago
Adisseo is committed to a fair balance of the value we are creating between our customers, employees and shareholders πŸ™Œ #AnimalFeed #Nutrition Adisseo photo